Thursday, August 21, 2008

So far only Natasha has taken up my blog challenge - what are you, afraid to write? Jeez. It doesn't have to be long; in fact hers was very informative and only two sentences long. But I understand - it's like trying to get most people to read. I have to remember not many people get as excited over words as I do.
Speaking of which, I have finally chosen my fall class. It's a joke for how easy it's going to be, but I said I was easing my way slowly back into the land of the thinking and I wasn't kidding. It's a reading class (shocker!) and the best part is, the books that are assigned you read, discuss, then the AUTHOR OF THE BOOK comes to the class to join in the discussion. Just writing that makes my panties a little damp. The only writer I recognize on the syllabus is Jane Hamilton, whose book A Map of the World I've already read, but just to meet her makes me squee with glee. I'm going to love this, I can already tell.
Want to hear the saddest story ever? I went to my favorite store in Five Points at lunch, found the perfect pair of shoes on sale for $11, in my size, went to pay for them and realized my husband has my debit card and I had no checks with me. The nice lady is holding them for me until tomorrow, but still. Considering I lost a bet to him I should've won and the pay off is going to be painful, I think this should cover it, don't you? I do. My vote is I've paid my debt to the bet, now let's move on and nobody gets hurt. And by nobody I mean me. And now that I've posted pictures of my closet and shoes, I don't want to hear any shit about why are buying yet another pair. I am a woman; is that a sufficient answer?
After some nagging, bitching and cajoling, Brian joined me and doggie on our walk last night. It was good because I got to point out different yards I liked, make fun of the ugly ones and it freed me up to pick up trash easier while he held the leash. Upon making our last turn around the block to head home, we came across a very tan, tall, long-haired, perky-boobed specimen who was also walking a dog. We said hello cordially and moved on. Imagine my surprise when Brian said, "I think I'll start walking with you every night - this was fun!" And then I beat him about the head and neck.

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