Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Is there anything better than expecting to go home on a certain day from vacation then finding out you get to stay one extra day? I think not. We thought we needed to be back this morning to relieve his parents of dog duty (and doodie) so they could go to their condo at Myrtle Beach, but they decided not to go, thus affording us to stay last night and this morning. Unexpected and awesome.

However, we got home about a half hour ago, half unloaded the truck at our house, and Brian had to rush off to an emergency landscaping situation. I am taking a quick pit stop, then meeting him over at his mom's to eat with them (because after this weekend the first thing I need to do is eat more food), get our baby who is probably at level orange of separation anxiety and come back home to try and get ready to face work tomorrow morning.
There are many pictures and words to describe our vacation, but for now here's a list of things I did and didn't do:

Things I Did
1. Found a new beer I like, Bud Lime
2. Played Mario Brothers on Nintendo DS, watched The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana with my nephew Stafford, who loved me very much, of course.
3. Body surfed/swam in the Atlantic Ocean.
4. Fed deer crackers and bread from our balcony - there were 13 of them at one point.
5. Took a mile-long bike ride.
6. Sunburned my knees (see above).
7. Walked on the beach and picked up shells like I've never lived in Florida ever.
8. Liked my sister-in-law Toni, despite her long blond hair, perfect tan and boob job.
9. Ate scallops (excellent) and shrimp (not so great).
10. Decided I liked the beach more than I thought I did.

Things I Didn't Do
1. Get a bad sunburn. My knees are pink, but I guess after this many years I finally, finally learned that I can't get tan in a few days after not being in the sun for a year. Just enough color to show I was at the beach is nice.
2. Bring the bottom part of my bathing suit. Which worked out, since I wouldn't have exposed it anyway. Swimming in shorts is fine with me.
3. Use all the clothes I packed. But damn if I didn't come close.
4. Eat too much or drink too much. Again, older = smarter.
5. Go fishing. We wanted to, but never got to it.
6. Play golf. The guys wouldn't have minded but I thought it would be better for Brian to get some quality bonding time with his dad, brother and nephew.
7. Bring sunscreen. But other people did.
8. Think about work.
9. Lose anything or leave anything behind. I think.
10. Cook or clean. Which what REALLY let me know I was on vacation.

All in all, I give the trip two thumbs up. Brian's younger brother let his bitch of a wife talk him into them not coming to join us, even though the whole idea was for all the brothers and their families to be their with his dad, considering his dad dropped a couple grand to stay right on the beach and spend time together. I hope that wife of his is reeeeallly good to him (yeah sure), because I'm not sure I understand that reasoning. All I can say is YOUR LOSS, you stupid mofo's!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and Scott, I'm damn glad you left New Orleans on Friday. I hope your house is okay when you get back.


Manager Mom said...

Sounds like a perfect trip, except for the Zack and Cody, which is the most irritating show known to man. But my kids love it too.

Psuedokim said...

I absolutely HATE Zack and Cody, but I was trying to be cool to an 8-year-old.
Hannah Montana isn't much better. Whatever happened to the good ones like Boy Meets World and Lizzie Mcquire?