Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't Ever Let it Be Said

I don't know how to show thirteen-year-old girls a good time.

Yesterday was so fun. Well, that is of course, after we actually got ready and got out of the house, which wasn't until around 1:30. One working bathroom, four women - you get the idea. They were happy with the lack of humidity and what it did to their straightened hair and I told them that's the main reason I wanted to move back here as fast as possible - the good hair days.
Our first stop was the college. My evil master plan was to show them the prettiest parts of campus and the college bookstore that had the best variety of collegiate Cocks wear in order to solidify Elizabeth's first college choice to be USC. I think it worked. The day was perfect, there were students lounging on the Horseshoe grounds with their laptops - I couldn't have set a better scene. Then they were so excited in the store with the amount of sweatshirts they had to choose from, of course ending up getting the exact same $50 hoodies for the big red "Cocks" on the fronts; a rousing success. The Carolina Gamecocks may not be the greatest example of college football, but they are the source of endless amusements for their name alone.

We then went to Five Points, where I'm sad to say is not the happening place it was in the 90's. It's so weird - how the cool hangout spots shift over the years, but Grace had never been there and the girls were enthralled with the funky thrift shops and walking from store to store that I'm glad we stopped there too. Where do all the college kids hang out on Friday afternoons now - the Vista? I think mayhaps that is so. Didn't matter - they loved Five Points too. We had pizza at Za's, which everyone agreed was good and the perfect amount of food and then came back home.

Out of mostly sort of family obligation, we went out to the country friends' house - my friend Sheri is sort of Grace's ex almost sister-in-law; way too complicated to explain, but they love each other, hadn't seen each other in years and we wanted to make sure that happened while they were up visiting. We also wanted to get it out of the way, as I knew the girls would be bored shitless over there and I was right. The three of us spent most of the time outside on Brian's tailgate talking, where I was horrified to learn how much *more* they know about sex than I'd even imagined. The good side is however, they seem to be in no hurry and I'm the adult they talk the most freely around, so that made me feel better. But still, damn. When I was thirteen I snuck and watched The Blue Lagoon on HBO late at night and thought I was an expert. Ha.
We ended the day at my Walmart, the original Deathstar, around 11:30 that night. Grace had been hearing the horror stories from me for over a year and she was not disappointed with the "friendly" and "helpful" level of service we received. It lived up to its reputation of long lines, loud rude customers and even worse staff. I was satisfied she'd gotten the true experience and now she's very thankful for her nice little Walmart in Inverness. See? Traveling does make you appreciate home a lot.

Right now the girls are still sleeping and we're letting them - the only thing on the agenda today is shopping and more shopping at the Villages of Sandhills, where I'm sure they will find even more items they can't go home without. I'm loving having them here, where my house has turned into the chaos of dogs and girls...Brian likes it too. When friends are as old and as close as these, it's more like having family visit, but the part of the family you actually WANT to see.

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