Saturday, November 1, 2008

There and Back

I. Am. Home. So stupidly tired, yet I know better than to hope for sleep any time soon. I know from experience the best thing to do after driving seven hours is to chill the hell out and let the sleep come on its own terms. It is useless to fight your brain and your body; they will beat you every time.
I've only been gone four days but it was so whirlwindy, it feels both like it went by in five minutes and also like I've been away for a month. Waiting in my inbox are 130 or so pictures I took, but I'm waiting until tomorrow to look at and post them. I was like an Asian tourist with the damn camera. Annoying at the time, but then everybody's happy afterwards.
There's so much to say, yet the neurons are totally mis-firing at this point. I'm amazed any motor skills are functioning at all. The end of Daylight Savings really and truly couldn't have arrived on a better night. An extra hour of sleep - does that not sound like the best thing ever right now? Hells yeah it does.
I have no idea what I'm saying here. For now, here's a list of the things I left behind/misplaced/lost while on vacation:
1. Before leaving home I realized I left my camera in Brian's truck. Of course he'd already he'd left for work.
2. Shortly after getting on the interstate I remembered I left my toasted and cream cheesed bagel on the kitchen counter.
3. After arriving in Orlando, I started to do a small load of laundry at Sister's house and noticed I was missing my favorite sweatpants, long-sleeved white t-shirt and green sweater because I'd left them on the floor of Grace's bathroom when I took a shower.
4. I didn't have my glasses all day yesterday at Disney and couldn't find them even after searching both ours and Scott's condos. At some point during the day Matt called to tell me after they'd driven around in Scott's rental car for an hour or so, he noticed something on the windshield, down near the hood of the car. That would've been my glasses. Why, they asked me. Why the hell would my glasses be on the hood of that car? Apparently while I was on the phone with Brian outside the night before, pacing and smoking like I oft do, I'd taken them off at some point and set them down on the car hood. I've learned to stop questioning my stupidity and just accept it. The fact I didn't have to come home and tell him my brand new $130 glasses were no longer with me makes me very thankful my sometimes oblivious cousin actually noticed something. For fuck's sake.
5. I spent almost an hour in an extremely crowded store in downtown Disney last evening searching for a gift for my baby niece. I finally settled on a pretty purple Tinker Bell pillow to match her Tink bedroom. My sister loved it. It got left in Scott's condo and packed away with all their souveniers. I'm calling to let him know to leave it with my other cousin so Sister can get it back sometime soon, but I have a feeling it will end up on a plane to New York tomorrow.
6. After leaving the campground last night on our way back to the condo, Lori called to tell me I'd left my gray hoodie in the motorhome. My favorite half-sleeve gray hoodie I wear almost every day. I told her to keep it for me and I'll get it when I'm down in December. At almost the exact moment she was telling me this, I looked in my purse and saw I had the key to my aunt and uncle's golf cart which they use to drive around when they go camping. I'd driven myself and my aunt up to the front gate and left the cart for them to use to go trick or treating and never gave them back the key. They forgot to ask for it back, because Matt knows how to hotwire the cart. I gave the key to Scott to give back to them and as he put it in his pocket, we both knew that might be the end of the key.
That's all I can think of at the moment, but I haven't unpacked yet, so I'm sure there's more. All I know is, I'm clothed, I can see because I'm wearing my glasses, I used my phone to tell everybody I got home safely and my car is out in the driveway. Right now I'm considering that a success.
I know I said I wouldn't be able to sleep yet, but a Xanax or three might be able to help speed things along. Sound like a good idea? Yeah, I think so too.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home weary traveller! I'm happy that you're home safe, sound and in one piece. I hope all of the misplaced and forgotten items make it to where they belong.

Your ordeals of losing and misplacing stuff over the past few days sounds like what happened to almost all of us just last night!

Sweet dreams. :o)