Sunday, November 9, 2008

Without Al Gore, none of this would be possible

Sometimes I forget what a wonderful thing the internet is. Like most people, I now take for granted that on any given day I can communicate with loved ones who are far away, Google something to win (or lose, as in most cases) a bet with Brian, get ideas about what to make for dinner, shop (Dangerous? definitely. Convenient? Life changingly so) and satisfy my inner voyeur every day by reading the minutae of other people's lives that they put on their blogs. It is that last thing I enjoy the most. Well, okay - it's a tie between that and keeping in touch with far-away loved ones. Duh. Didn't mean to dis my people for complete strangers there. Oops. You will excuse my mistake though, when I tell you I have a made a new friend and I am very excited about it. Her name is>Heather and she lives in Indiana. Indiana is 800 miles away from me (yes, I checked). Had it not been for a mutual blog we read, <"">, I doubt we would've ever met otherwise. Well, we COULD have (see previous blog about fate and the butterfly effect) but the chances would've been cut down tremendously.

Heather is awesome, and in getting to know her, I know I've met one of those rare kindred souls. We've already exchanged real presents in the mail - I'll be getting mine from her in a few days and see her latest blog entry for what I sent her; it's hilarious and her emails brighten my day. I realize this is the technological version of pen pals, but I've always loved the idea of pen pals. I had one when I was a youngster - his name was James and he shared my love of Stephen King; which Heather does too, by the way. I guess what it all means is if you love Stephen King, you're all right by me.

I started reading blogs a few years back and I still read the first one I started with. Through hers, I've crawled through the intricate web, clicking on ones that piqued my interest; keeping the good ones and getting rid of the not good ones. It's frightening to know that I actually care about these people, people I may never meet; that when one of them has something going on in their real life and has to take a break from blogging I actually worry about them. But I think this is good. I'm not even close to an A-list blogger who goes to BlogHer and mingles with the in-crowd. I blog for myself and the fact that there are actual real people who read it and leave comments still amazes me.

One of my favorite bloggers, Whiskey, got it in her mind one day to mail people stuff. Just because. Just because she knows it's fun to get stuff in the mail. She just asked her readers for their addresses if they wanted a pressie, and she sent them stuff. I got an amazing hand-written card (which is proudly on display right here in my office) and the cutest owl pin ever (which is pinned to my denim jacket, where else). I mean, seriously - how fucking cool is that.

What's cool about blogging, whether you're an A-list Mommyblogger, making money from your site, all the way down to people like me, is that it is making a difference in that like-minded people ARE meeting each other, when otherwise they would not have. I've read plenty of incidents where bloggers get travel across the country to hang out with each other, both in groups and individually. Lifelong friends have been made. It's amazing, when you stop and think about it.

I did a Christmas card exchange last year one blogger organizes every year and it was cool getting cards from people all over - I thought I was cool with my homemade Whos in Whoville cards, but some people's creativity blew me away. I'm doing it again this year, but I'm also going to make it a point to send cards to my regular blog people as well. It might be lame, but I want them to know I appreciate what they've brought to my life on a daily basis. The only problem is, I'm going to have to be creative and sometimes that makes my head hurt. I'm also going to need to be quick about it, since hi, it's already the middle of November. Eeesh.

My point, and I do have one, is that this whole blogging thing - it's cool. When I was a wee lass, I never pictured communicating with people all over the world on a daily basis. I'm still waiting for flying bubble cars like the Jetsons had, but in the meantime this will do.


Psuedokim said...

See what happens when I try to put links in my blog? I'm a special tard.
WhiskeyMarie is and trust me, you won't be sorry you went.

iamheatherjo said...

Awww!!! You're the sweetest!! I, too, look forward to your e-mails. I hope you get your little packages soon and that you like what's in them.

I worry about my favorite bloggers when they are gone as well. Especially Amber (Similar To Life) and Suzy (Coping With Chaos) on my blogroll. They've got so much going on and I miss them when I haven't heard from them in a while. I actually do care about what happens in their lives.

I've met people in person that I had started communicating with on the net and then it progressed to the phone and then there were visits. I would be so bored and probably a little lonely without being able to keep in touch and reach out to others this way.

Thank you for the smiles this morning, Kim! Now let's go for coffee or a drin!! Yes, I'm aware it's only 9am, but if we both leave now we could hook up somewhere in the middle and be giggling over drinks in about 5 hours. ;)

morethananelectrician said...

Nicely put.

I do think it has created a whole level of understanding and communication that has far greater reaches than even AL GORE could have imagined.

It allows people from different physical, social and economic parts of society to realize that most people deal with the same things everyday...just on different a scale. Similar joys and similar sorrows.

We aren't all the same, but we are pretty similar when you strip down all the stereotypes.

Whiskeymarie said...

I feel the same way about this blogging thing. People I know who don't blog think it's weird and kind of crazy- some of the things we do- but it honestly has made me feel part of something bigger, strange as that sounds.

Now, if I could just stop having to work so much I'd have time for round 2 of my mail project.

And, if it makes you feel better- I'm a special tard too. All the time. Today I put my underwear on backwards and almost walked into the Men's room at Home Depot.