Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maybe we'll even act out a scene from Beaches

Regarding yesterday's post, I've gotten a couple of private responses from concerned friends. That's the thing about putting your innermost thoughts on the internet. It was something I felt like writing about and felt better once I'd written it, which is why I'll forever and always be a serial writer, whether on paper or online. It's the best form of venting for me. And then I forget about it and move on, while a couple of people think I'm on the brink. Sorry about that. I have to try to remember this isn't my Hannah Montana diary with the very secure brass key & lock clasp. Haaa, just kidding. Like I'd have that kind of diary. It's a Twilight diary, of course.

It's looking like I might get to see one of my oldest friends this weekend. I'm still at the point of cautiously optimistic because I've been known to jinx things with my happiness, but the chances are looking good. I've known April since 1990 and though we haven't seen each other a lot over the last fifteen years or so, there was a time we were pretty much inseperable. In the few times I have gotten to see her in the last decade, it's been almost surreal. And though those times were great, we had husbands and kids around, so you know. Different. This time it's just going to be us, eeeek!

She's indirectly responsible for me meeting my husband as far as I'm concerned and there are very few people in the world who I've clicked with so instantly and completely. We don't have what you'd call a lot in common anymore - she's a busy working mother of four kids, helps her husband run their business and is very active in church. Me? Um...I've read 64 books so far this year and spend a lot of time talking to my dog.

It doesn't matter. Inside we're still fundamentally the same girls we were in 1990 who liked long-haired boys, drinking beer in the woods and singing classic rock. She sings A LOT better than I do, by the way, but that's why I loved singing with her - she somehow actually made me sound better! If you've never had anyone sing harmony to your barely-in-tune flatness, you're truly missing out.

Welp, this sucks because now my hopes ARE up. Totally up. I'm pretty sure if and when I see her I'm going to wet my pants, so April, don't say I didn't warn you.

In other news, I have Carrie Fisher's new memoir waiting for me at the library, I bought stuff to make lasagna tonight and I have absolutely no interest in being at work the rest of the day. I might have to get a bellyache here in a little while. With me that's almost never too far from the truth anyway, so there you have it.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet Carrie Fisher has some interesting tales to tell. I think that wouldbe a book that I should skip...it would be really hard to explain to anyone who found it, huh?

Anonymous said...

Well as long as you don't act out the final scene from Thelma & Louise! Sheesh...

Although I would have LOVED to have been Susan Sarandon while she filmed her scenes with Michael Madsen. Yeah, you heard me, Brad who? ;)

(Your captcha thing just TRICKED me with a cl that looked like a d!)

Kim said...

MTAE - I couldn't help myself; I read her book in six hours. Too short, but so good! Any guy who loved Princess Leia wouldn't be ashamed to read this.

HeatherJo - No, a different friend and I are T & L and we have almost acted out the final scene. Not on purpose! And yeah, Brad can suck it.