Monday, December 1, 2008

Two weeks and counting

You know how today is Cyber Monday, where a lot of people who didn't get enough wonderous shopping over the weekend spend most of the workday today online shopping? Well, I did NO shopping online today; in fact I did almost NOTHING online today besides the occasional twitter here and there. What I did do today was work my rapidly aging ass off! Which is, I suppose what I get paid to do, but golDARN was it a pain in my ass. I did do one thing to cheer myself up: filled out a leave form for my upcoming vacation days. December 16th is my last day of work and then I won't have to step foot in that place again until January 5th. Twenty days in a row. I will never get rich working there, but damn if I'm not spoiled with the time off.

Plans for the vacation including but not limited to:

- Going to a little town right above Charlotte, NC that transforms into a Christmas village with white lights everywhere. Very excited about this, even though we're going with his mom and stepdad. I love me a Christmas village. This is a combo Christmas/birthday for his mom trip. She's turning 60. Which is only 21 years older than me. (WHAT THE FUCK!)

- Seeing snow. Hopefully. A girl can dream, right? North Carolina has already gotten some, so if I don't get to see any on this trip, chances are we'll take another a trip back there before winter is over. April? Do you hear that? If you look outside your window one snowy day and you see someone out there frolicking and dancing around gleefully, don't panic, it's just me.

- Going to see my friend Bill's band perform in Orlando. Bill is a drummer and he rocks the house. I've only gotten to see him perform in front of an audience once and Bill rocked that party eight days a week. Ain't no party like a Bill's band party cuz a Bill's band party don't stop....sorry.

- Seeing my sister and my niece, yay! Seeing my mother, boo.

- Seeing Grace & Lizard & Becky in Inverness. We always have very good slumber parties when I'm there.

- Going to my old work to see my old work friends in Brandon. Hopefully seeing a movie with Annette while in Brandon. Hopefully seeing Jen while in Brandon. Hopefully seeing Aunt, Uncle and cousins while in Brandon. I don't know how long I'm going to be in Brandon, but it seems like I may have to stay awhile in order to accomplish all the things I want to do.

- Watching It's a Wonderful Life. I mean it; I'm not missing it again this year or I'm going to beat myself in the face.

- Trying to race to the finish line to see how many books I can count for 2008 before January 1st for the counting books project I began last New Year's Day. Right now I'm on the verge of finishing my 63rd, so we'll see. I thought I was going to hit 70, but damn life - always getting in the way of my books.

- Teaching myself how to speak Latin.

Well, maybe not that last one. But if I can get everything else on the list done, I'll consider it time off well spent.


Anonymous said...

Damn! I see nothing about 'Visiting Heather' on this list! ;)

I won't be taking any vacations for a long, long time. We only have Christmas Day off. *sigh*

Psuedokim said...

I'd trade it all to go visit Heather.