Monday, February 2, 2009

Lighter fare

I'm...not in the mood to talk about maritial mistakes or making babies today. I had a long-but-too-quick weekend that's left me a little groggy. Also today is the 13th anniversary of Brian and I meeting for the first time (at a bar called Wings & Ale). In honor of that and the fact I'm mostly brain-dead, I'm keeping it light today.

Laundry seems to be a running theme with the bloggers I read. All of us hate it and most of us let it get out of hand long before we motivate ourselves to do something about it. Why is that? I know if I kept a regular schedule with it, it would be much easier to control, but I haven't done that in a very long time. Why do laundry when I can read/sleep/play on the computer/do anything else. Brian put together an awesome wall unit shelf thing in my closet room so that for the first time in a long time I have adequate space for my clothes. It was so beautiful when he was done and I'd put my clothes on it, I took pictures of it. By the time this past Saturday had rolled around, most of the clothes were on the futon in baskets of dirty/piles of clean clothes and the wall unit was almost empty. He made a smartass comment about it that made me want to slap him in the mouth, but I couldn't deny he was right. I hate when that happens.

That, coupled with having an overnight guest Saturday night forced me to get off my ass and put all the clothes away. I am telling the God's honest truth when I say it took me over three hours. THREE HOURS. Of course the guest ended up passing out in a beer/Playstation stupor on the couch, so the removal of the clothes from the futon was technically not necessary. But oh how much fun it was to pick out something to wear to work today - it was like having a bunch of new clothes to choose from. And it'll be like that the rest of this week! Exciting. Maybe I'll try to keep it under control for awhile. Don't quote me on that.

The guest in question was an ex-boyfriend of mine and no, there's no juicy story there. He was a guy I was more best friends with than anything and who I originally moved to SC with in 1992. We broke up a few years later (obviously amicably) and I stayed here and met Brian a year later. After we'd been together for awhile, they ended up meeting each other and getting along. We don't see him that often, but whenever we do it's always a good time (don't be a pervert). Also what happens every time is I get really thankful I didn't end up with D and got to marry Brian instead. That cheesy Garth Brooks Unanswered Prayers song? Totally me. He's a great guy and I'm happy we're still friends but as a husband? Noooo. No. No. No-no. In fact, he's currently going through a divorce right now and I really like his new girlfriend and want to tell her to have fun with him but don't make any long-term plans. But I would never do that. They'll be coming to my birthday party this weekend and we've made plans to spend that night with them afterwards, so that should be interesting too. I'll be happier having her there to balance everything out and do the guys outside peeing off the front porch/girls inside talking about guys and babies hang-out thing.

He also talked me into doing a birthday thing for him next month; going to see this Beatles cover band that's supposed to be amazing. He and I are both huge Beatles fans (we saw Paul McCartney here in 1993) and he's seen them like three times before and said we have to see them, so I'm trusting him. They're called The Return in case anyone's seen them and they totally suck. Which if you have and they do, don't tell me because the tickets are non-refundable and I bought them online Saturday night. I'm sure it'll be great. I now have Hey Jude in my head and will for the remainder of the day. Naaaa, na na na na na na, na na na na....hey, Jude...
Okay, I lied - one baby thing. Does anybody know how to tell if you're REALLY ovulating, like the best possible day of your cycle to get knocked up? I've heard so many different things and read a million things online...a common one is that you start fourteen days after the first day of your last period; does that sound about right? If that is the case, that means it's today...and even though we're doing the IVF, it couldn't hurt to try one last time on our own, right? We'd save money plus it would be a proper way to celebrate the anniversary thing today, right? (Even though the anniversary for the first time we did THAT is eleven days from now. Yes, I waited eleven whole days after we met. Do not judge me; it had been awhile)

Yeah, why the heck not; there's nothing good on TV tonight anyway.


Swistle said...

A woman typically ovulates 12-14 days BEFORE the first day of her next period. So if she has a regular 28-day cycle, that's also about 14 days AFTER the first day of her last period.

If her cycle is longer, like say 30 days, the extra days get added on to the time between the period and ovulation, not to the time between ovulation and period, so then she'd probably ovulate around day 16.

A good "trying our darndest" method is to start on about Day 10 and do it every night or every other night until Day 20. Yeah. I know. The more reasonable version would be, like, Day 12 to Day 18.

Michelle said...

I had to take my temperature every morning before i got out of bed and plot it on a graph. The morning my temp. rose we 'tried' that night and every second night for eight days. Once you do this for a couple of months you will see a pattern. I also used to raise my legs after the fact for 15 minutes (yes, i know!) and make sure i went to the bathroom before so i didn't have to get up and go. Gravity is not the best thing in this case!
We have 3 beautiful kids, that took alot of work, fertility tablets, blood tests, temp. taking, monthly doctors visits, false preg. tests, hot flushes. Not to mention the side affects of the medication. It took us 8 years to have our three and i'm so grateful that this was all we had to do!
Good Luck, will have my legs crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

I say do it every single day just to remove any doubt. :D

Anonymous said...

How about I stick to the laundry part of this post...

I do half of the laundry in this house. I start it on Saturday Night and have a system that last the weekend in little spurts and it is all done within 24 hours, with only about 2-4 hours of actual work, but it is done religiously.

My wife lets her half (hers, my daughter's and my 1 year old's) build up until there is nothing left. No system and she never catches up. Try a system for a couple of weeks and you will easily see that it is worth it. Put the stuff away right away. Take the stuff to the room it goes and fold it there. Touch the clothes as few times as possible. Fold it, hang it and put it away all at once.

Trust me...everything needs a system.

crisitunity said...

No idea about ovulating, but I dated BF's best friend for a while when we were all in high school together. They happen to have the same first name. People find this weird, but we can all hang out together with 100% no strangeness because of the way the best friend and I split up - happy to go our separate ways and be friends again.

ct said...

Swistle's got it right. Oh, and think about the consistency of egg whites coming out of your vag. That's when you'll know that it's prime baby-making time.

Kim said...

Yeesh! I think it'll be easier just to let them implant me! Doing it eight to ten days in a row??? We've been married for almost ten years; I don't see it happening! We were supposed to do it starting last night and we both fell asleep on the couch at 10. Thank God for modern medicine.
Yes, now that I've caught up on laundry I'm happy and resolved to keep things under control. A laundry system seems way more manageable than a baby making system.

Dyskinesia said...

CT basically nailed it. I'll be a little scientific and gross, so guys should look away NOW.

According to my OB/GYN, the very most fertile days are the 3-6 days that you can notice some discharge that looks like mucus (frankly, because it is), usually noticed most when wiping. Honest to God, docs used to say that however many inches you could stretch the stuff between your fingers, that's how many days you had to get pregnant. Woo hoo!

Kim said...

Dys - I'm right there with ya on the sticky stuff. Now that you mention it though, I've noticed with me, it never happens on the days I figure I should be ovulating. That may be a question for the doctor.