Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer breeze makes me feel resentful

Well, hell.
Just got back from the ultrasound that tells how big the follicles have grown and it appears they haven't grown much at all this time. As with everything else, the nurse really didn't have any satisfactory answers for why this is, so I now get to wait on a phone call that will most likely tell me there won't be an IUI this cycle. I'm not sure I've even processed this information completely yet, as this particular problem hasn't happened to me before. Either way - shitty. Brian suggested we could have sex anyway, just for the hell of it. What? Oh yeah, back in the old days when sex was for fun? Yeah, I forgot about that. Might be a good idea though.

This weekend has been slightly more productive however, as I decided lying around feeling sorry for myself is getting old. We attacked the yard work with a vengence yesterday and at the end of the day I was happy to see progress had actually been made. Now we have a leaf pile roughly the size of Mount Vesuvius and have contained it with chicken wire. He had a little too much fun with the leaf blower, aiming it at me and the dog every so often so that my boogers are now black and dirty. That must be great for the sinuses.

I'm a little disgusted by the fact Spring seems to have given way to Summer without any warning or my approval. I was enjoying the doors being open and cool breezes blowing through the house, but now it's All Air Conditioning, All The Time and the roaches and mosquitos got the memo and are all enthusiastically reporting for duty. Bastards. Brian already sprayed once, so that now any roaches we see are in the process of dying a slow horrible death, but still.

We're going to visit his parents today, as Tuesday they're leaving for Hawaii for a week. They haven't gone on any trips in awhile and this is to celebrate their 25th anniversary, so I hope they have a great time.

Other than that, I can't think of anything exciting except since I worked Friday, I have tomorrow off. Since it doesn't look like we're making the trip to Charleston, I'm hoping to finish off the rest of my Spring (Summer) Cleaning list and make the most of the day.

Peace out.


iamheatherjo said...

Yes! Do it like little bunny rabbits and make that baby without 'em! But you might want to get rid of those black boogers first. You know, unless Brian digs that sort of thing. Not that there's anything wrong with that if he does. ;)

I'm heading back out into the yard now. We're finally getting some consistent Spring weather and I'm going to enjoy weed whacking. Damn I'm a wild woman.

LL Cool Joe said...

Glad you were busy anyway. I too have been outside cutting the grass. We have a sit in mower. Is that cheating?

We call a weed whacker a strimmer here in the UK. Posh right?

Good luck with baby making!

LL Cool Joe said...

That's a sit on mower, although you do sit into it I suppose.

morethananelectrician said...

I hate turning the AC on for the first time. Since I am paranoid, I am always afraid that it isn't going to work. The cycle repeats itsef in the fall when it is time to turn the heat is all about $$$.

Shari said...

We did the leaves and gardening this weekend too. I went to the store to get big garbage bags to put the leaves in and came back all happy because I thought I got a good deal. Nooooooo...the ones I got can't even hold 1/2 bag of leaves without breaking. I call them "friggin' butter bags" as my hand was popping right through them as I tried to tie them up. Ridiculous!!! Lesson learned.

I also planted some flower seeds, so we'll see how those go.

Sorry to hear about the follies this time around. Keep the Faith.

Whiskeymarie said...

It was over 70 here today, which was kind of nice, but also kind of telling me that we're in for another hot, crappy summer. Yay.

And now you reminded me that the lawn desperately needs to be mowed and the Mr. is out of town for a few days.