Monday, July 28, 2008

I must be getting old.
After spending my second girls' weekend away from home of the month, I'm ready not to leave my man and my dog for a very long time. It usually works out that I'm the one going off somewhere while he stays home with the dog, but he doesn't mind. He's always been good about letting me go knowing I need a road trip every once in awhile and quality female time. But the thing is, while I love my girl friends, I'm getting to the point that if I spend more than a day with any one of them, I get aggrivated with them. Just little things. Things like the way A drives - stop, start, gas, break - I seriously almost got carsick riding around with her. And she ALWAYS has to drive, even when she came here to visit and didn't know her way around since it is, you know MY city and all. She has control issues. I respect that, but damn, you know? Maybe I'd like to drive once in awhile or decide what our itinerary will be for the day? I'm still such a pushover. And I'm starting to resent people for it.
We have a family trip planned for Labor Day weekend and I can't express how excited I am at the prospect of going away with my husband for once. Which is as it should be.
I've had enough of Savannah for a long time and I've had enough of women for even longer. We females truly are a pain in the asshole sometimes.

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