Sunday, July 20, 2008

The last three houses we've lived in, plus the one we lived in in Inverness a few years ago have all had one thing in common. Light bulbs burn out at alarming rates. Like, they don't last more than six weeks or so. Is this a strange coincidence or is there something more sinister going on here?

When our A/C is set to 76 at night, I'm too cold. When it's on 77, I'm too hot. I'm trying to find a balance using the bedroom's ceiling fan since there's no half settings on the thermostat, but so far I haven't found a winning combination.

I only like drinking V-8 if it's extremely cold and if I'm not eating anything along with it. Brian is the same way.

Our new bookshelf holds a little over two hundred books. This made a dent in the books we still had in boxes on the floor, but didn't hack all of them. Then as we were just putting the last one up, one of our older shelves literally fell apart, nearly trapping us in the library and causing me to screech out loud in fear. Now we need another new bookshelf. Related: I practiced great self-restraint at Barnes and Noble today and only bought him a birthday book. I think I deserve a new book for that.

I just got word my four-day work weeks start next week. Considering they're only letting us do this until the middle of August, it was nice to finally find out. I'll spend my first free Friday in Savannah which is peachy keen, Josephine. That also means I'll need to be here at 7:30 Monday morning. D'oh! Hope I remember.

I'm debating making the birthday boy salmon for dinner. He loves it and the last time I made it it was good, but my kitchen stunk for two days afterward. A tough decision.
My mother-in-law and I were talking about baby names the other day and how it's always safe to go with something classic and/or biblical. So I said, "If I ever have a son I'm going to name him Deuteronomy. Brian laughed. She thought I was serious. And that right there sums up my inter-family relationships in a nutshell.

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