Sunday, July 20, 2008

To offset the increasingly horrifying grocery bills, I've started to make a serious effort to bring my lunch to work almost every day. There are the still the occasional trips to the deli, fast food or pizza place, but they have decreased dramatically. I figure I'm spending an average of $20 more a week on groceries, so something had to give. Not to mention I'm not ready to give up my Target, thriftstore and bookstore habits. All I had to do was stop being lazy and actually put food together for myself. It's not hard. I've noticed something funny about my lunches. I eat the lunch of a ten-year-old. It's usually either a ham and cheese or tuna sandwich, string cheese or cottage cheese, yogurt and chocolate (ONLY chocolate) pudding. Sometimes a pickle if I'm feeling particularly sassy. Everyone around here seems to be very keen on frozen dinner lunches, but I'm sorry. I've tried them ALL and they ALL taste like ass. Well, except Stouffer's stuffed peppers; those are okay. No, I will take my kid lunch any day over something frozen in a box.

The biggest danger I've found with this new habit is the urge to eat everything by 10:30 a.m. I'm at my desk working when all of a sudden the thought pops into my head: You have food! Right down the hall! And yes, there have been days when I haven't been able to resist the urge to eat more of a late breakfast than what could be decently considered lunch. I'm getting better, but what's stupid is if it was a day I wasn't at work, I could go until afternoon before eating ANYTHING. There's something about being stuck in an office all day that makes me ravenous. Yet, I can't eat anything too heavy in the middle of the day or I'm fighting to stay awake all afternoon. I have to have a lot of little items so I have choices and can graze. But it's been fun for the last few weeks figuring out what to bring and saving some money in the meantime. I'm even thinking about getting myself a cute lunchbox. I could go really high-end and get a Bento, but the thought of spending fifty box on a lunchbox sort of takes away from the whole idea of saving money, right? I could go with the still-trendy but less expensive soft floral bags that look like purses which seem to be all the rage in the office. OR, I could dig out my old Star Wars lunchbox I bought on Ebay a few years ago which would probably garner some strange looks but would make the most sense economically. Anything would look better than what I'm currently using which are Wal*Mart bags. Stay klassy Kim, stay klassy.

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