Sunday, July 20, 2008

Between my recent time in airports and the fact that Vogue and Glamour both decided to send me free issues for reasons I've yet to understand, I've looked at quite a few fashion magazines lately. And from what I can tell, it looks like the 90's might be making a comeback, with reports of people all over NY already back in flannel shirts. It might be too soon to get excited, but if this trend is in fact making a resurgence, there will be no one in the world happier than me. An 80's teenager, I fell prey to most of the horrendous trends which made up the majority of that decade. I even owned various neon colored clothing items. And while 80's stuff has made somewhat of a comeback, I can't bring myself to go there again.

The 90's however; well that's a different story. This is fashion I live for. Big flannel shirts. Ripped holy jeans. Messy unclean hair. I embrace it with open loving arms. In fact, even though I don't think I have any flannel left, it's really a style I never stopped following. Even the fact I'm blind is fashion foward right now, as ironic glasses have replaced the ironic trucker hat for accessory of the moment. I am so in right now. And as a whole, I have to say the 90's was my favorite decade to be sure. I started it off by moving away from home up here, a place I loved enough to move back to. I ended the decade by getting married. And those years in between where I spent my 20's were fun, creative and exciting for me. I still love the music too. So by Fall if you see me and I am dressed like Kurt up there? Don't be jealous of how trendy I am. Maybe I'll even join Wardrobe Remix on Flickr and share my daily grunge-tastic outfits with the world. It's a thought.

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