Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First, pop culture: I'm shocked about Bernie Mac. Fifty years old. As if losing George Carlin wasn't enough already this summer. I'm telling you, it's not good for the world to lose people who live to make people laugh.The opening ceremony of the Olympics was awesome. I didn't watch the whole thing but the parts I saw were gorgeous and I'm excited to watch girls gymnastics. So is Brian, but for different reasons. John Edwards. Another slutty politician, shocker. I've always admired his wife and now I wish that her next life is better than the one she got this time around. Subculture:I had a wicked case of insomnia last night and stayed up reading until almost five o'clock this morning. Totally messed up my plans for the morning and now my whole day is screwy. That hasn't happened to me in a long time and I don't miss it.Edible culture:I've been on a major yogurt kick lately. Only Yoplait and the best ones are mixed berry, strawberry and rasberry. I'm sure I'll burn out soon, but I'm glad it's something healthy right now. Last night the temperatures dropped into the 60's here, so I kept going outside just to sniff the air and take advantage of being able to breathe. It felt like a gift. I worked a little yesterday at the foreclosed house, filling my car up with the last of the crap she left and while I did work up a healthy sweat, it was way more acceptable with it being 85 degrees than 105. A nosy-ass neighbor approached me and tried to look at the stuff I was taking out of there and asked me if we'd found a diploma. I rudely said no and answered her questions with monotone, monosyllabic answers until she finally got the hint and went back to her yard. Nosy. I'm going to take advantage of the fact Brian's working today to try to get rid of as much of this new crap as I can before he gets home. The weight of it is threatening to sink our house. I'm also making a trip to donate scrubs and other clothes to the thrift store and see if I can't score myself something cute and new to wear since I looked ugly all week last week. My boss even said to me Thursday afternoon, "Kim are you feeling okay? Because you haven't looked good all day." What is the correct response to that? Thanks? Or, I may not look good today but I clean up well - how does it feel to look like a lawn ornament every day? Of course I just said besides gimpwrist and being in danger of melting I felt okay and that was the end of it. I hate people.

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