Friday, August 22, 2008

He's down the road apiece working on a friend's computer. The funny part about this is, God love him and he's smart and hot and can do a lot of things really well, the man is practically computer illiterate. I'm not sure what problem he's actually fixing, but I'm waiting here impatiently because we were about to watch a movie when he got the call. I had a long fucking week, it's fucking raining, I have my fucking period and I just want to watch Jason Stratham's British hotness kick some ass and then go to sleep. Not asking a lot, really.
I guess this has to do with all the hormonal fun times that comes calling once a month (How do you make a hor-mone? Screw her in the butt then don't pay), but it seems like the urge to transform myself becomes annoyingly pronounced during this time every month. Usually I solve the problem by changing my hair color and buying some clothes and I suppose this time will be no different. But what I'd REALLY like is to get a total make-over, a facial or maybe some elective surgery. I figure my looks are peaking right about now and it's all down the ugly hill from here. If I don't do something soon, it'll be too late and/or I won't care.
I almost got a nose job once. My parents absolutely hated the idea, but my dad actually had the money for me for my 21st birthday and was going to let me do whatever I wanted with it. My nose isn't really that bad, just a little round at the end. I was going to make the roundness smaller and I was really excited about it. In the end, I chickened out and didn't want to be in Daytona on Spring Break with a jacked-up, bruised bandaged face. I'm now glad I didn't do it, as I doubt my life would be much different than it is now and this nose has never held me back from getting a job, making friends or getting dick. Thus I'm sure anything I do to myself now wouldn't make much of a difference either. Damn it. I guess Feria it is once again.

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