Friday, August 22, 2008

Since this is my "secret" blog, here are a few things I'll be addressing in upcoming posts.

The fact in our second year of my marriage, both my husband and I had affairs, separated for eight months then got back together. That happened seven years ago and we've had no problems since.

I caught a drug habit there for a little while. Opiates was my poison, and I somehow crawled out of that nightmare and have been clean for over a year.

I once spent an evening doing a jigsaw puzzle with a hooker. She was really cool.

Twice I came very close to being arrested, both drug related. Once cost me one of the best jobs of my career and the other time wasn't directly my fault; I got pulled for a traffic violation and when I went to get my registration out of the glove box, a bag of my husband's weed fell out. It wouldn't have been so traumatic, except I had my eleven-year-old goddaughter and two of her friends in my car at the time.

So see, it may appear I lead a quiet, book-wormy life, but we all have skeletons, don't we.

Oh yeah, the other big surprise - I'm a Republican. This may be the most shocking secret of all.

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