Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm trying to keep it to a minimum on the Myspace blog, since I'm sure my friends and "friends" who read me there are already sick of hearing it. But I'm new here, so I can say it again.
I hate August.
I always have, but here in sunny, steamy, smelly, stupid hot South Carolina, the hate rises to a new level. Living smack in the middle of the state, we get the benefits of neither the coastal breeze nor the cool mountain air. And I know those places are also warm this time of year, but I compare temperatures daily (yes, I have a busy and also very important life) and also compare ours to certain cities in Florida where we used to live and EVERY TIME we win the prize for hottest and most miserable.
For the next week or so, our highs will be in the high 90's range, with heat indexes topping off at 113. Did I move to the desert and not realize it? The tenth circle of Hell?
Fall here is something to behold. The leaves change, the weather is perfect. It is why I chose to get married here, in the month of October, even though we were living in Florida at the time and Brian was in the middle of a particularly grueling semester of school.
For the next six weeks or so, I will be hibernating indoors as much as possible and longing for Fall. You may or may not hear me mention it again.

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