Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Please forgive me if you're ever with me and you get hurt and I laugh at you? It's a horrible character flaw and I wish I didn't do it, but I always have and probably always will. It explains partially why I love Jackass so much (the other explaination being HOT DUDES) - people hurting themselves and getting hurt is funny as hell! I mean it's not like I watch the news, see a plane crash and crack up. No. I didn't say I was a sociopath. I'm talking more like in person - we're walking along and you trip and fall. That's funny. I watched my uncle stub his toe so badly once he almost passed out - hilarious.
Which is why it's very lucky I married a nice person.
Last night he started working on the huge shelving thing he brought home from that house. It turned out to be large in not only actual size, but also in the amount of pain-in-the-assness. Before he was even able to get it into the truck, he had to disassemble it to the point of many many pieces. He then had to carry those pieces into our house and into my closet room. And then put it all back together. It was so very nice of him.
I was helping, if by helping I mean watching him work and handing him screws every so often. He was using his electric drill to do the work. All of a sudden he made a sound the likes of which I've never heard from him. It was loud, high pitched and fell somewhere between a gasp and a scream. Like a girl. Which is understandable, considering he had accidentally drilled a screw into his finger, right in that tender spot between your nail and cuticle. Blood made an immediate and bountiful appearance.
To my credit, I did gasp first too. But a few seconds later, upon determining his finger was still attached, I began to laugh without pause. I laughed so hard and deep I felt like I'd done ab exercises and had serious problems breathing for a few minutes. Luckily this made him start laughing too. Then, even though I couldn't really talk, I managed to ask if he was okay. He said yes. I said Good...don't get any blood on the shelf! Which made us laughed even harder. I don't remember the last time I've laughed so hard, but I think the reason I'm in such a good mood today is from all the endorphins that were released into my system last night. Or it could be the fact I finally have that thing in my room after coveting it for over a week. Either way, good times.
But it's really fortunate for all involved the situation wasn't reversed. It may not be fair, but I can PROMISE had I been the one bleeding and him the one laughing, I would not have taken it the same way. In fact, I probably would've done my best to destroy the whole shelf and would've been very sad today.
So see? All's well that ends well, even though someone almost lost a finger.
Don't feel too badly for him; I can assure you there is a blow job in his very near future.

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