Saturday, September 20, 2008

I looked at the local news this morning and was surprised to see news about a plane crash at our little airport that killed four people and critically injured a few more, including Travis Barker from Blink 182 and DJ AM, that guy who used to date Nicole Richie until he figured out she's a lunatic. Sad. It looks like it was one of those weird situations where the plane slid off the runway type thing, which always freaks me out because not even up in the air and you crash? That just seems even more cruel than usual. I'm sorry for the people who died and their families and I hope the injured people will be okay.

As I mentioned, I have company coming in a few weeks; first Grace and Lizard on or around the 10th and then Annette on or around the 17th. This makes me excited for the fact that my house is a lot more visitor-friendly than the last time Annette was here when she embarrasingly had to sleep in the living room because that's where the futon was. Note to self: Don't be so quick to get rid of a couch when moving - it kind of hindered things there for awhile. But now the futon is in my closet room, which is also finally in order so now whoever (whomever?) sleeps in there will drift off looking at my clothes. I don't know of a better way to fall asleep than that. Well, unless I put a Johnny Depp poster on the ceiling.

Our cable bill increased by $24.99 yesterday when Brian purchased the game for tonight. I understand the concept of Pay Per View, but that doesn't stop me from being irritated paying for a game being played six miles from here. How 'bout a win this week at least? That would make me feel a lot better about the whole thing.

I just showed him a household item I saw for sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond and he got all excited because he's been meaning to tell me what he wants us to buy for cleaning the foreclosures. A Roomba. I've only known one person who's owned one, my ex-boss Ernie, and I remember him saying it was somewhat of a nightmare. They have two labs and he said the thing never stopped picking up dog hair and he was scared it would burn out in mere days. Dog hair? Yes, well, I can relate. If we do end up getting one, I know better than to ever set it loose in OUR house. Does anyone have any experience with this thing? I have the feeling it's one of those things that's better in theory than reality.

It's been fun walking the dog in this brisk weather. I can't seem to locate his leash so I've been using a 20-foot-long piece of rope which allows him the illusion of freedom and since he's always been a really good leash walker, it's cool. Except for today when we were spotted by a cat, who took one look at us, puffed up to twice its size and took off, causing my idiot to bolt off after it, causing me to drop my phone on the road and a serious rope burn to my finger.
Lastly, I got picked along with four other people to guest blog from one of the people I read! This falls under the category of Very Exciting To Me, Not So Much To Anyone Else. Still, I'll most likely pimp it out in the next few days after it's done.

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Robyn said...

Hi Kim, I followed your link from Laura's journal, and I'm making my way through your archives. :)

I have a Roomba, and I find that it's mostly useful in a between-vacuuming way. It doesn't do the kind of vacuuming you'd do with a vacuum, it leaves stuff behind in the corners, but I think it does a "good enough" job. I prefer to just vacuum a couple of times a week (we have a lot of cats), and in the in-between days I run the Roomba in the worst rooms (the kitchen, mostly) and it keeps the mess to a tolerable level!