Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is it a coincidence these two items came to me in the mail yesterday:
If that isn't a classic case of irony, I don't know what is. I've said it many times: If I'm on a mission to lose weight, it's NOT going to be from dieting, but rather exercise. I love food way too much to compromise. Of course I make an effort to be more careful and all that, but Egg Beaters, Low Carb and Fat Free are not in my vocabulary. My husband loves to eat as well - my cooking, his mother's cooking, and I enjoy cooking for him as it's fun to cook for someone who gets so excited about dinner sometimes he does a little dance. He comes into the kitchen and starts lifting up pot lids to sniff and stir and I have to tell him to get the hell out. This is what I'm trying to say: We like food.

My little step machine I bought awhile back is pretty cool, but I know from experience it's not enough to make much of an impact. This dvd of Jillian's is getting all kinds of rave reviews from the cool kid bloggers and she's my favorite Biggest Loser trainer, so I decided I needed a little more Jillian in my life. Supposedly this workout is an ass-beater, so I'm a little nervous about starting, but we shall see. This dvd has gotten rave reviews from everyone who's tried it. Also, Biggest Loser (Family edtion I think?)starts tonight, wooo! Again with the good timing.On the flip side is the cookbook, which I've been coveting for about five years or so. Someone finally offered it up for swap and I jumped on it. I read most of it last night and almost went into cardiac arrest just looking at the pictures. This is dangerous territory for several reasons:
1. I have tomato sauce running through my veins instead of blood. (I like Italian food a little)
2. The weather is turning and cooler = cooking more.
3. Did I mention I like Italian food? "Like" is way too weak of a word. If Brian liked it more we'd probably have pasta three or four times a week. Maybe it's good he doesn't.

So, there's a very good chance this weekend I'm going to attempt to make the "Sunday Gravy" (this is Italian for "sauce") and see where it goes from there, since a lot of the recipes in the book call for that. Oh, mama. Oh, Tony. Hopefully by then I'll be a little more acquainted with Jillian so that come next week I won't need to go up another pants size. Jillian, I am your bitch. Do with me what you will.
And I'll be able to WHACK that fat right off my body and it can go SWIM WITH THE FISHES!
I know.
But bad puns are fun.
Hey, so is rhyming! And alliteration! And....Okay! Sheesh.

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