Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kimmy Lovey Daddy Likey

For the record, one of my favorite bloggers, Winona from Daddy Likey COMMENTED on my last blog! I'm a sucker for fashion, which is how I found her blog long ago and she has one of the best and definitely the funniest out there. So it's pretty much like I just got touched by an angel or at least acknowledged by a celebrity. She's pretty, witty, cool, funny and awesome and I have a total girlcrush going on. (Can you tell?) I got so excited when I saw she'd commented, I sort of screeched, then Brian asked what was wrong, then I had to tell him, then he looked at me kind of weird but not really since he's used to this type of thing after twelve years. If you are a woman and aren't already reading Daddy Likey, your life isn't yet complete. Just make sure if you read her at work to prepare to snort or laugh out loud a lot.

Ironic too, that Winona should stop by, because it's kind of been all about clothes for me lately. I mean come on - it's *always* about clothes, but now more than usual. I think the most fun I've had in a long time was having S come over and go through the bounty and pick out a ton of new-to-her stuff that looked amazing on her and fit perfectly. She's one of those people who works her ass off but always gives to her kids and family first and never seems to do anything nice for herself, so I was really happy to be able to do that for her. I know from experience that the next few weeks for her will be fun picking out new stuff to wear to work every day.

Except for one weird little thing. Her husband, whom I believe I've mentioned here before, is...um...an interesting dude. I like him a lot, but that's because I'm not married to him. He's very...let me be delicate here...TRADITIONAL in the ways he views male/female roles, and also very PROTECTIVE (cough, insecure, cough cough) over things like where she is at all times and what she wears. I've heard him make several comments to her in this regard. Last week was their daughter's birthday party for which only family was invited and S wore a cute pair of khaki capris, a black short-sleeved cardi with a black tank underneath. He said, "What're you wearing THAT for; trying to pick up guys?" Um, by guys does he mean relatives, since they were the only guys present? Was it the black lace on the tank top that caused his fury? The color black itself? Hmm. But of course I didn't say anything, because it's not my bidness. And also because if I did say something, we probably wouldn't be able to hang out with them anymore and I'd miss her.

I thought stuff like that ended after high school; the jealous dude thing. And also, he gives off the vibe that if given any small opportunity he'd cheat on her, which falls in perfect line with why he's so jealous of her whereabouts and all. It's just very unpleasant to think about, so I'll stop.

I wonder what I would do if Brian ever told me I *couldn't* wear something? My closest guess is that I'd start laughing and maybe never stop.

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