Sunday, September 14, 2008

My nap wasn't as epic as I'd hoped it would be, but I'm getting ready to join everybody in bed for the night, so hopefully a lot more sleep is imminent. I'll trust the dvr to handle the season premiere of SNL, because I know I won't make it.
There's something going on here that may or may not have prevented more people from coming to my extravaganza today. Because of a hurricane that's like five states away, people decided to lose their minds here and not only has gas shot up almost two bucks a gallon, a lot of stations are running out. Like, they don't have any. Or, if they do have some you get to wait in line for an hour or more and are only allowed to buy one gallon like what happened to his step-dad today. It's crazy. I got *a little* gas while I was out yesterday, maybe enough to get by until Tuesday or Wednesday if I'm really careful and now I feel lucky to have paid $4.11 for it. I'm not sure what the major malfunction is, but I'm really hoping those smart government officials we put all our trust in figure out the problem really soon. I mean, damn.
Have you ever had one of those painful little bumps on your tongue that appear out of nowhere, hurt like hell for awhile and then go away? Is it an ulcer? An infected tastebud like Kristen called it? A herp? What the hell is it? It's been here for like a week and it's seriously impeding my enjoyment for eating and life in general. I wish I could burn it off, but I'm guessing that's not the way to handle it.
On top of my to-buy list: the 2009 Farmer's Almanac. All those people who a short while ago thought global warming was the new hip crisis? Yeah, the almanac says we're going to have a colder winter than normal this year and that we're starting a cycle of global COOLING now. Haha, assholes!
What just happened? I think I fell asleep for a second.
I feel like I'm STILL forgetting to say something.
Well, whatever. I'll end with this - Brian's cousin D is up here hunting from Florida and there's a very real possibility my Day of R&R might be pre-empted tomorrow with visiting. I'll be okay with that as long as that cretin of a girlfriend isn't here with him. Brian didn't ask because why would he, so I don't know. I do know one thing, though. If I see her tomorrow, or any day over the next week or so, I may have to start punching.
That is all.

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