Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today went by so fast it’s already tomorrow

I've kept a journal of some sort since I was eleven. Journals, diaries, short stories, random thoughts here and there - it's been a fairly consistent hobby for almost thirty years. I like words - reading them, writing them, finding the right combinations of them; it's one of my biggest satisfactions in life.

My biggest problem has always been letting other people read what I write. Blogging was a huge step for me in that regard. And I've enjoyed this a lot, mostly because getting feedback and making my friends laugh is a lot of fun. Even when what I write is cringe-worthy, and it often is, I feel I made a big step with this sharing.

So I wrote my post today that will be the guest post on someone else's blog, and that was another huge step in my progress, because here is a whole different group of people who will be reading what I have to say. It was with a large lump in my throat and also in my bowels I hit the send button to email it to her today. But this was her response:

"HAHAHA - Awesome!" and she thanked me for writing it.

I am floating on air because of this and also some Xanax.

My post will be on her blog Wednesday, at which point I'll link to her blog so I can also share what a great person Laura is and expose someone else's great writing to my little group of readers as well.

The internet: bringing people together one blog at a time.
We live in exciting times, people. Interesting, exciting times.

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