Monday, October 27, 2008

Justice served

Something happened this year that you never dream is reality. It's movies, it's TV, it's books - it doesn't happen to someone you know, someone you love. Law and Order, CSI - I never thought one of those stories would affect me.

At the end of March my good friend and ex-coworker Lisa was murdered by her boyfriend. I wrote a little about it at the time I went down for her funeral. Rarely a day goes by still I don't think of her; especially since on any given day I could look down and see a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes, a shirt or a purse she gave me.

I still keep in touch with her daughter-in-law and today she had amazing news for me. Seven months later the bastard has finally been charged with 1st degree murder. The circumstances were horribly ugly and here isn't the place for me to discuss the details, but suffice it to say I hope he gets what he deserves and my wish includes more than just incarceration. And that still won't be enough. Right now there are four kids, three granddaughters and many families and loved ones who miss her every day. She added goodness to their lives, to our lives, to the world. She'll never be forgotten.

And I hope he never forgets. Thank God he's going to have a good long time to think about her every day for the rest of his miserable life, one I hope doesn't last too many more years and one I hope ends painfully.

Our justice system is far from perfect, but at least today I can be assured it works. And I'm so thankful it worked in this case.

Rest in peace, Lisa - a lot of people are celebrating tonight.

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iamheatherjo said...

I'm glad justice was officially served...but I hope it's not done yet. He's got more coming to him.

I'm sending you many good thoughts tonight. We're really gonna have to sit down for a drink sometime! We've got a LOT to talk about.