Monday, October 27, 2008

Road Trip Fever

There are a lot of ways I can tell I'm getting older (the fact that I rapturously wrote a few days ago about the joys of Oil of Olay kind of supports this theory), but there's one thing that really has been standing out for me over the last year or so.When I am going on vacation these days, I'm now orgranized enough so that I can actually pack the night before like normal folk and no longer throw a bunch of shirts and jeans into my bag as I'm rushing out the door as in the days of yore. I got away with that for years, and it usually worked out fine, though I sometimes found myself buying underwear, socks or a toothbrush in some strange city's Walmart...whatever.
No biggie.

But not anymore. I'm not leaving until tomorrow morning, but I'm so ready right now, should circumstances allow, I could go home, grab my stuff and within minutes be out the door. It's frightening really. Gone are the days when I would dip out at a moment's notice, knowing there were enough clothes in my car to last me at least a few days on the road. It was even a point of pride with me, truthfully. Humming some Segar, "A gypsy wind is blowin' warm tonight..." or maybe Zepplin, "Leaves are falling all around, it's time I was on my way...Ramble on! Sing my song!"

No, I don't get out much these days. Which is a good thing; it's better that most of my time and attention is devoted to my home and husband. But sometimes the road does call. And I'm really excited to be answering that call tomorrow morning. I'm headed to Orlando, O-town, home of the Mouse. With a short pit stop in Inverness to spend the night with Grace and Elizabeth so as to witness Elizabeth's last game in her career as a middle school cheerleader, which is big. Next year is...dun dun DUN - freaking high school, oh my Hell!!! There was no way I was missing this game, as there was a time I went to almost all of them and I never get tired of watching my girl in action. She has to know I love her - I'm making a fifty mile detour for her. Also while she was at my house a few weeks ago she'd wanted a book to read I actually didn't have on my shelves, weird, so now that book is packed and she'll have it tomorrow. Books? Her wanting to read? She'll soon realize whatever book she wants all she has to do is mention it and I will get it for her, I'm so happy she's gotten into reading. I am her personal

Had a few things not gotten effed up, I would've been leaving tonight, but I'm trying to look at the positive and saying well, okay - this way I'll get a good night's sleep in my own bed, I won't be driving in the dark which is something I used to love but now not so much, and can also sneak in some more marital relations before I go. I hate cutting my Florida time short, but I hate being away from my boys too, so it works out.

Wednesday through Saturday I will be in Disney or somewhere thereabouts with my sister, my niece, my uncle, two aunts (his wife and ex-wife; long story), four cousins and three 2nd cousins. Quite a crowd. I was a little sad I'm the only one showing up from our generation without an offspring, but then I told myself it could be worse. I could be ugly or retarded or something. See that? Glass half full like a motherfucker! And finally, Halloween is on Friday and I've been told all the littles will be dressing up and trick or treating and knowing Disney they'll do it up right. I've already gotten a picture of my niece's costume and I can't help but to share. Of all the people I'm getting to see over the next week, don't tell anyone, but I'm most excited about her:


Anonymous said...

Aww! My Samantha (Flea's eldest daughter) was Minnie when she was very wee. So cute. Have way too much fun.

What's worse than being the only one going without kids? Going WITH them! Then you have to SHARE and buy THEM stuff and they get in front of you when you try to get to POOH BEAR! ::shivers::

I kid! I kid!

Sorta. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh. Dear. God. She. Is. SO. CUTE.