Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stuff I haven't had time to say lately

Let the record show, since I'll be looking for this information next summer, October 18th was the first night we had to turn the heat on and then had the first fireplace fire the following night. Let the record also show Brian bitched at me for turning the heat on. Yes. At which point I told him I was sorry I'm not a 190 pound hairy beast, but if he wanted me to I could make that a new goal. I can't help it if he's a frigging heat rock who is comfortable sleeping in 65 degree temperatures. I am not. I like it a *little* cool, because then it's fun to sleep in a pack, but I get very foul if I have to wake up and be cold. That is when I start doing things like wearing the same pair of socks three days in a row and skipping showers because I don't feel like getting out of the warm zone. Not that I've ever done that before.I've recently discovered two products that are both FABULOUS and should be filed under the category I Never Used To Need Products To Give Myself That Just-Had-Sex Healthly Youthful Glow But Now I Do. Hey, we're all friends here right? I'm just being honest and trying to pass along some valuable information to all my Girls of a Certain Age. Wow, that's a lot of capitalization in one paragraph. Let's get to the point.

First up we have this:
I'd told Grace I was looking for something that would peel the first layer or two of skin off of my face, and that I ended up buying something in the Neutrogena line and that I was fairly happy with it. She was kind enough to bring this Olay stuff with her when they came up a few weeks ago and when we did the switcheroo to test out each other's products, there was no comparison. Her face looked okay with my stuff and mine looked like I was twenty years old. I didn't want to put make-up on. I had what we used to refer to back in the days of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll the Hi-Pro Glow. It's $23 at Walmart, compared to the $17 I paid for the Neutrogena stuff and worth every single penny of the price difference. I now have one of my own and learned an important lesson. Never be a Jew when it comes to your face.

Next up:
I don't know if you can read that, but it's Bumble & Bumble grooming creme. Now normally I stick to Redken hair stuff, mostly because I've used it for years and know which products work best for me and also Kelly gets it for me at her hairdoer's discount. However, a regular blogger I read is happily obessesed with hair care products and after reading her review of this, I had to spend this week's grocery money and buy it. It is rather spendy but in fairness I have to give you the price I paid because that's part of the rules, so here it goes...gulp...$28 at Target. OH GOD! I know! Thirty bucks for hair shit! In these volitile and ever-increasingly frightening economic times, I pick NOW to try out a ridiculously expensive non-necessity? Well, you don't get as far as I have in life without making financial decisions like these, people. I've already justified enough to myself so that I don't need to do it again here, but I will say this. The stuff is AWESOME. It smells like a freshly rained-on field of flowers in the middle of summer and again, it looks as though I just got the dust knocked off of it. In a good way. You'll just have to trust me on this. Mayhaps I should take a picture of my hair and mayhaps I will soon. Good stuff.

I feel a little like a black sheep of Brian's family right now. I haven't been to the parents' for Sunday "dinner" in weeks because of people here visiting me. This past weekend was especially naughty, considering his brother and sister-in-law finally deemed a visit to his parents' worthy of them after almost three years of not coming here. Atlanta is only five hours from here, but I guess after Julie achieved her goal of marrying Grant and having two kids, she didn't think it was necessary to spend time wiht his family anymore. They were very surprised when Brian showed up without me Sunday and I'm sure not very pleased.

After all, I missed out on the chance to see my little nephews for the first time - how could I? And for something as unimportant as having a FRIEND at my house for the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW? I suppose I get somewhat of a free pass, having just had my grandmother pass away, sort of. What would really be funny would be if I skipped this Sunday too, because the following Sunday I'm going to miss because I'll be driving back from Orlando. No, I wouldn't dare.



Anonymous said...

He should be relishing the fact that you AREN'T a 190 pound hairy beast.

Anonymous said...

I like Lancome stuff for my old mug. Whenever I go to the counter they tell me I have nice skin and I say "It's all your fault". It's the only stuff that doesn't make me break out and I've been using it since I was around 23. I strayed recently because of finances and I keep breaking out. Ugh.