Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Appletini's and Cousin-love

As someone whose drinking days are mostly behind her, I get excited when I find a drink I actually like the taste of. This comes in handy when in a situation that I would like a drink or two but never know what to order because beer just makes me feel bloated, pee nonstop and then tired. Wine - tired, then headache. Bottled coolers or the equivalent - you're wasting my time. So it usually comes down to hard liquor in a mixed drink. Usually the go-to drinks in this category for me are Vodka/cranberry or Rum/coke/sprite/pineapple/whatever. But! I finally got to try an Appletini the other night at the party and I now have my new favorite:


This might prove to be useful, as next week I'll be in Disney with the fam and being with relatives is high on my list of things that make me want to drink. Don't take that the wrong way. It mostly means that I'll be in a festive mood and also with my favorite cousin. The same cousin who is hopefully bringing me a fake watch from the streets of NYC. I mean, I'm going to be the only one of us there without babies - isn't a watch a good consolation prize? I think it is.

While part of the family will be staying at Fort Wilderness (Disney's campground), Sister, me, Scott and his family and his mother and sister will be staying at the Mike Ditka Resort Runaway Beach Club! How frickin' fantastic is the name of that place? I went online to look at it a few days ago and it looks very...tropical. Which sort of goes against my favorite time of year right now and the fact that I'm still celebrating getting to wear sweaters and use the fireplace...but when I'm with mi familia, it matters not where we are or what the weather is like (though it better not be too hot or I'm cutting somebody) because the laughs, they never stop. No one on Earth has ever made me laugh as much as my cousin Scott. He is one funny mother, let me tell you.

He has that kind of charisma, you know, that most people don't have. The kind that when I saw my father-in-law's girlfriend over Labor Day weekend, she asked me how Scott was doing because she remembered dancing with him at my wedding and thought he was so cute, Brian's dad got sort of pissed. That kind of charisma. I kind of hate that I don't get to be around him more, because I'm a great imitator and some of that personality would be bound to rub off on me. Damn it. But you either have it or you don't. When we were younger and all hanging out one of Scott's younger friends asked him if he could give him lessons on how to be cool. I wonder how that guy is doing these days. Okay, enough about him - damn! You'd think I idolized him or something. That he was one of my favorite people in the world. I need to stop or his ego might get out of control. Well, one more thing.

Scott and I look a lot alike, the biggest difference being I have boring brown eyes and his are stupidly blue. One time we were getting ready to go out somewhere using the same mirror and he looked over at me, pondered for a minute and said, "If you had my eyes instead of yours, you'd have a whole different life." Yes, I realize that motherfucker, but thanks for pointing it out. Anway, one summer I spent in New York hanging out with Scott and his friends, the summer of '89. Still remains in the top three best summers of all time. We worked together, played together, what have you. One of his friends, who shall remain nameless since there's a small possibility he could actually read this, told me I was really cute and he totally wanted to hook up with me, but I looked too much like Scott so it would freak him out. Okay. Well. One night after many shots of Purple People Eaters (no idea what's in those), I guess I looked enough not like Scott and the hooking up commenced. Which made for fabulous fodder for years. "Ewww, you hooked up with me, you Scott-lover!" Thirteen years later at Scott's wedding, he brought that up to me. I guess once you get some Scott in your system, you can never get it out.

That came out wrong.

But I'm leaving it.


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Anonymous said...

I hope you have way too much fun and take many pictures. I'd ask you to bring me Mickey ears with my name on them but my friend Lisa already did it. Hee!

I love vanilla vodka & diet coke OR pear vodka & sprite/7up/sierra mist free what-have-you. Num num num.