Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Copying the cool kids


Apparently while I was slacking off last night, everybody did this fourth picture thing. Always behind by one day, story of my life. But thank you Laura, Heather, TB and MTAE for the cool idea.

Except mine is lame! But I didn't cheat and try to use a more interesting picture, so I guess I deserve a little credit. For being boring!

The above picture was taken last day-after-Thanksgiving. I had just bought my new camera at 5:30 that morning and was very excited to use it, obviously. That first set of pictures includes many more fascinating shots of my house, dog and husband, until he threatened to hide it from me. Anyway, I still like this because it shows I actually cleaned the kitchen well enough so that I moved the microwave to clean under it. That almost never happens. And it's a cool view of the house across the street which remains uninhabited. If any of you guys would like to be my neighbor, it's for sale and has been for awhile, so I'm sure the owners are desperate. And I really could use a cool neighbor.

Ew. Okay, this is the last one - I don't like this game anymore. Brian took this picture of me and I'm pretty sure I was working on the computer at the time. This just shows that when I think I have a regular expression on my face, I actually look pissed. Damn it.


Psuedokim said...

I'm a retard.
Why do my pictures all get cut off and how do I fix that?
And again, my links didn't work. Somebody smack me.

snerkology said...

You want to know what's weird about me? I like seeing pictures of other people's kitchens. I don't have a window in my kitchen, and I'm jealous of anyone who does. Also? Your pics are loading just fine for me...

morethananelectrician said...

How do you tile having tile for a countertop?

The house we bought had 1" X 1" tile, but it was so hard to write something down in the kitchen that we had to change it. We are still poor, so we don't have granite like all of the "cool kids" have.

iamheatherjo said...


(You're probably the only one who got that and the fact that it had nothing to do with that metal lunchbox in the picture.)

buoy said...

aw! i like that last picture! you look like you're seriously contemplating something. like, totally "hot smart chick" kinda thing.

Psuedokim said...

Snerk - the only thing that saves my kitchen from being totally claustrophobic are the windows. It's SMALL.

MTAE - this is the first time I've had tile (and a dishwasher!) and I like it. Never tried the writing thing though. I've given up hope of granite long ago.

HeatherJo- Haha! Oh yes, I get it and never even thought about it before!

Buoy - I'm blushing now.