Sunday, November 16, 2008

Edited to add

I don't know what the hell I was so angsty about earlier - that was easy as hell!

Shortly after arriving, I was helping his mom get the food ready and rather than die of anticipation, I just came right out with it and asked what they were planning to do for turkey day (as if I didn't already know, but there are subtle rules you have to play with these delicate matters). She said, "Going to George's family; y'all should come with us!"

Cue me going into my story.
Cue her getting kind of quiet for a minute, in obvious disappointment.
Cue me starting to talk really fast about getting together with her to go Christmas shopping and her suggesting next Saturday. To which I happily agreed. A very small price to pay to get out of Thanksgiving.

NOW I can relax a little and start to plan what to cook. I've been asking everybody I know what their menu is in hopes I'd soon also have a menu of my own.

The only sad part is now Brian does feel bad, for real.
But then, he's a better person than I am, so I'm used to it.


iamheatherjo said...

I gotta admit, I would probably feel bad too. I sat through a lot of unpleasant Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners just to please my own Mom. (She would have rather stayed home and did her own thing too.)

The family guilt sucks.

morethananelectrician said...

I would've put it off and gone with a last minute "peeing out of my butt" excuse.

Psuedokim said...

I've used that excuse too much throughout the year, unfortunately.

Angelique said...

The 'dance' that is played between families at Christmas time of who-sees-who-and-when does my head in. At least we *only* ever had Christmas to contend with!