Saturday, November 29, 2008

If you ever doubted my love for dogs, this should clear it up

Seven and a half years ago, Fate gifted us with that little fuzzball above. We found him locked inside a hot van, starving, panting and barely hanging on. I pulled him out because he couldn't walk on his own, handed him to Brian who took him straight to the closest vet. He told him had we not taken the quick action we did, he surely wouldn't have lived another few hours. They took x-rays and found rocks in his stomach, something dogs apparently will eat by instinct in order to get any minerals they can when they're starving.

That picture above was taken shortly after he returned from the vet's office, Brian had given him a sink bath and we fed him his first puppy food. He walked around with that dish in his mouth for the next few days, not wanting to miss out on this new wonderful kibble stuff. That night we took him to dinner with us at Dairy Queen and while eating outside on a picnic table, he stood guard in front of us and barked his little tough puppy bark at every stranger who walked by. I watched Brian fall in love with him at that exact moment. We thought to make him a little next by our bed that night, but he cried until we brought him into the bed between us, where he contentedly sighed and fell asleep immediately. He's rarely been very far from either one of us since then.

I'm not totally against getting a pet from a pet store or a breeder. I think all dogs deserve good homes. But to rescue a dog from a sad bad situation creates a bond like no other. I've never experienced more love and loyalty from another dog in my life. True, it can get annoying when we're home and trying to get things done, such as cleaning and putting up Christmas decorations. When I walk back to the bathroom to pee, seconds later he is trotting purposefully down the hall after me to stand in front of me on the toilet so I can give him a quick butt scratch. He dutifully followed me from room to room yesterday until I finally sat down on the couch to read, and then he jumped up next to me, dug a little nest out of the throw blanket and settled in with his head resting on my knee, sighing with relief our chores were done for the day.

Today when our guests arrive, he'll be on level orange alert, making sure no one gets too close to us at any point throughout the day. He will not be able to relax until they're all gone.

If it was up to him, neither one of us would ever leave the house. Well unless he's riding along, sitting with proud posture between us in the truck. He cares not where we're going; the point being we're going there together.

Every day with him is a happy lucky day. Every day he finds a way to make us laugh. Our life is fuller because of him. Someday should I ever have the necessary means, I will do whatever I can to make life as good for as many of these creatures I possibly can. I will be the Mia Farrow and Angelina Jolie of the kanine world. They are among the best examples I've seen of God's good ideas.


Jasper said...

My Mommy and I liked this entry very, very much.

Psuedokim said...

I love you Jasper, and one day I hope to kiss your sweet black nose.

LENORENEVERMORE said... are such a good writer! Enjoy this one ;)