Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time to get our eat on!


And that, right there, is enough to make me thankful I'm not eating turkey this year. That right there is actually enough to make me consider becoming a tree huggin', Birkenstock wearin', pleather jacket and purse havin' VEGAN. I'm sorry - there is something about cold dead uncooked poultry that makes me get the heaves. I'll pay extra for boneless skinless chicken breasts any day of the week. Birds....ew.

And on that note, I've just found out they're letting us out of the cage RIGHT NOW, so it's off to the store I go. Pray for me.


morethananelectrician said...

We cook a turkey breast in the rotisserie and a ham in the oven.

The chest doesn't have that gross stuff in it...just the heart and lungs and they don't count.

Psuedokim said...

Now THAT is a perfectly acceptable way to cook meat.
Ham sounds really good right now; I think I'm hungry.

iamheatherjo said...

I only make the turkey breast too. It's always been enough to feed everyone I get over here and I wouldn't know the first thing about cleaning out a turkey anyway. I remember watching my Mom do it, but I really don't want to try it myself!

If I had to kill and butcher my own meat, I, too, would be a vegetarian.