Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'll take the Old Testament for 500, Alex

I don't know if it could be considered ironic, moronic or just plain weird, but tomorrow we're going to church and his parents aren't even involved. In fact, they're currently in Atanta, spending the night at their other son's house, because their other son and his wife find it very difficult to make any trip that doesn't involve the wife's family.

Brian's new favorite person is Ed. Ed is a cute little older Puerto Rican man from New York City (who's been here for years and is friends with Brian's parents) and he's been helping him work on a deck all week, something Brian's never done before. Although they were off by 1/2 an inch when originally digging the post holes, the rest of the work has been going amazingly well and Brian asked what he could do to repay Ed for all his time. He answered, "Come to church Sunday. It would make your mom happy. It would make George happy. It would make God happy." Can't really argue with that kind of logic. And I'm all about making God happy right now.

The ironic part being tomorrow is the first day of Hannukah. I was unable to locate candles today, so instead of lighting one of the two Menorahs I have, I'll be sitting in a Baptist church. Typical of how religion goes for me. Inconsistency seems to be the rule.

It's fortunate though - the two religions I'm affiliated with go together very well: Judeo-Christian. Widipekia says: Judeo-Christian (or Judaeo-Christian, sometimes written as Judaeo-Christian) is a term used to describe the body of concepts and values which are thought to be held in common by Judaism and Christianity, and considered, often along with classical Greco-Roman civilization, a fundamental basis for Western legal codes and moral values.

I mean, I got lucky in that I'm sure it'd be a lot harder to combine my beliefs if they were Muslim-Scientology or Buddism-Jehovah Witness. As far as religions go, I may be have a muddled identity, what with my Menorahs up right next to my garland, stockings and reindeer, but I also have a big Book that conveniently contains both the Old and New Testaments right there together for easy reference.

Also, now is my favorite time of year to go to church. Red pointsettas and white lights decorate the aisles. Everyone is even happier than they normally are. And the best part? It's the only time of the year I know all the words to the songs everybody sings. And Jesus' birthday songs are inarguably beautiful to the point I know I'll get goosebumps no less than three times tomorrow morning.

I've always said I'm down for any holiday that involves presents and/or food. How lucky then this year that happens all in the same week. Now if anyone can tell me how the hell to make a potato latke, I'd really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Religion. Church.



I hope you enjoy your magical musical goosebumps. I love that. (Iron Maiden does that for me. ;) )

Kim said...

Maybe I'll ask them to play For Whom the Bell Tolls. I wonder how that'll go over?

Anonymous said...

Can't you just go the the Jew Store? :)

I have a For Whom the Bells Tolls post I ought to do soon. It involves pumping up my 8 year old for his football game with that song. It is the same one I used for my team in Germany.

Kim said...

I loved that book!

I've found Metallica very useful for both stress relief and adrenaline producing motivational exercises.

Laura said...

Potato latkes: grate a couple of potatoes, add an egg, add some flour (I am assuming that you don't have matzah meal handy)--so that it holds together--the key is not a lot of stuff, but a lot of potatoes with the stuff holding it all together. And fry!. Enjoy the HOLIDAYS!

Kim said...

Wow! I might just have to try it - that sounds easier than I was imagining!