Saturday, December 6, 2008

It'd be a bloody brilliant trip, mate!

I have always wanted to visit England. I don't know what it is, but I have a real fascination about the place and I love anything and everything Brit-related. Well, except for her:
The only valuable thing she's ever provided is getting Brian to watch all the Pirate of the Carribean movies with me. Other than that, she's the most annoying, vapid, mouth-breathing idiot to ever come from across the pond.

But Keira aside, think about it. England gave us the Beatles. J.K. Rowling and thus Harry Potter. Punk rock. Charles and Diana's wedding. BBC and thus The Office and Absolutely Fabulous. True, there was that whole ugly Revolutionary War debacle, but everything turned out okay in the end. They are a delightful folk and you can't tell me there is a better accent that exists in the world. As they themselves would say, "It's brilliant; it's spot on!" You could be a tall, gangly, snaggle-toothed weirdo, but if you talk to me with that accent, I will immediately want to make out with you.

I want to go there so badly. Walk around the streets of London in a black wool pea coat and jaunty hat, do a bunch of touristy things - Big Ben, the Changing of the Guard (and try to make one of them laugh - yeah, there's a totally original idea), take a tour of Buckingham Palace (do they give tours?) see STONE HENGE, for chrissakes!




Some of the food sounds gross, true - kidney pie, Yorkshire pudding, bangars and mash? *Shivers* But I could do the fish and chips thing, no problem. And I'm sure there are McDonald's there, since they're everywhere else in the world. I could deal with it. I'd be too excited to eat anyway. Just like when I'm in New York City, except there I always manage to settle down long enough to eat. A lot. Whatever, you get the point.

I know only two people personally who have gone: my aunt in the 70's and one of my good friends in the 90's. Both of them confirmed my theory it is an amazing place. Right now I couldn't afford a plane ticket to fly two hours to New York, let alone something like this. But someday...someday I'm so there. Brian hates to fly, so he probably wouldn't be too excited about it, but that's fine. All the flying I've done for the past twelve years has been alone; I'd have NOOOO problem whatsoever going solo for this. But if anyone else wants to join me, you're more than welcome.


Kristin D said...

I'm in.

morethananelectrician said...

I know it is difficult, but if you go you really have to find someone to stay with to be able to lower your costs and stay longer.

Like most European cities, it is hard to get a feel for anything other than the tourist areas unless you can get entrenched in the back alley places that you never find the time to see on the tours.

The choice between going for a volume of places of to reall get the experience. England is the best choice because of the language issue.

But, like everything, money is always the option.

crisitunity said...

I lived in London for several months after college. Before I went, I was excited for the same reason as you - England has given us all this great stuff! It'll be awesome!

London is filthy, and British men are a vast deal more sexist on the whole than American men, and twice in the few months I was there I was knocked to the ground by random people on the street. Water heaters and other electrical devices barely work in that country, I don't know why, and one particular toilet in Torquay failed to work AT ALL. Me, I'm sticking with New York from here on out (and Switzerland, Switzerland is awesome).

That said, you still might have a nice time visiting. The restaurants, the history, and the night life are great. I'll note that it's a very lonely city if you're on your own; make sure you take a loved one with you.

Kim said...

I'd always heard the rudeness of the French, that it's not just a stereotype since one of my friends went there and confirmed they look distastefully upon Americans. I had no idea the Brits were rude as well. What - are they still mad over that whole Revolutionary War thing? Get over it!