Saturday, January 17, 2009

Party like it's 1989

The other night Kristen and I met at Ruby Tuesday's (salad bar!) for dinner to discuss plans for our mutual birthday party. It's going to be at her house on February 7th, a week before my actual birthday and a couple before hers. It's always fun planning party food and we've decided to go with heavy appetizers and a cheesecake birthday cake. Actually cheese is turning into a large theme, since we're also having cheese fondue and a cheese tray. In my opinion you can never have too much cheese.

I guess planning for this party must have gotten me thinking about get-togethers in general because last night I came up with a humdinger of an idea.

I'm still in contact with a lot of the friends I grew up with. Coming from a small town, we were a pretty tight-knit and incestuous group and through the magic of the internet, we've been able to keep in touch or find each other again if we'd lost touch at some point along the way. Now that Delorme and I live in the same area again, it's been fun comparing stories of old friends and what they're up to these days. So last night I proposed my idea to him.

What if we had a reunion. Not a class reunion, as there are other people who deal with those things and although I had fun at my 10th, I didn't make it to my 20th. I'm thinking more along the lines of a reunion for our crew, the group of fifteen to twenty of us who were tight right after high school. The age range is different, but I think we're all within five years of each other. He liked the idea and said what I was thinking, that he has the perfect house for a large-ish gathering of people. So now the little wheels in my head are squeaking away, thinking about the potential of this. Maybe sometime in the late Spring or early Summer, before the weather becomes unbearable? A whole weekend of fun activities could be planned and that would include things other than playing drinking games, though that definitely has to happen as well. Yeah. I like the idea a lot. I think between the two of us and with help from a couple of other key players, we could really make this thing happen. I'm loving the idea a lot.

The late eighties/early nineties was a really fun time period in my life. To be able to see the people who were a part of it would be pretty freaking magical. I'm determined to make this happen. And when I get determined about making something happen, I'm usually successful.


Whiskeymarie said...

I went to a small-town high school and was a "freak", so I kept my close friends from there to a select few. We chose to hang out with a diverse group of all ages from Duluth (the bigger "city" near where I grew up). We kept in touch for a few years after high school, but a lot of them kind of just "disappeared".
Luckily, one of the guys we hung out with created a website a few years ago just for those of us in the Duluth area in the late 80's that kind of ran in the same group. The response has been fabulous, and now a bunch of us get together every few months for dinner or a party or whatever.

Who cares about the generic high school reunion- this party sounds awesome. Do it!
I'm also 100% in agreement with you on the cheese issue- a cheese-centric party is never, ever a bad idea.

Kim said...

A website is such a good idea! I use Myspace and Facebook, which are both obnoxious in their own ways, but have been helpful with us all finding each other again...but our own site would be amazing.
Thanks for the fabulous idea - if I'm successful with it, I'm giving all the credit to you.