Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Runnin' down a dream

I would haaaate to be a bodily function system in my body right now. No ciggies for almost three weeks. A scant amount of caffeine. No sedatives. My weight in Now & Laters (I don't eat the cherry ones though). I'm actually really surprised I haven't suffered headaches, toxic shock or simply folding up into the fetal position while my body takes leave and says I quit this bitch. I wouldn't blame it if it did.

I also gave up something else - American Idol. They got rid of the only people I liked, like they so often do, so good-bye for another year Paula, Randy and Simon. I'm relieved to have my life back for another year. Of course I've replaced that with a late-devloping obsession with 24, but at least that show is cool. I love Jack Bauer. I wish I was Jack Bauer.

I started back with Twilight the other day, out of sheer annoyance, and the fact I didn't feel like starting another new book with this one being left unfinished. I'm almost done with it, soon to start the second one. Kristen, you were right - it got a lot better right after they were in the meadow. I'm very encouraged by the fact there are actually some bad vampires coming around. And I'm pretty psyched to be honest, that my reading it again coincides with the movie coming out on dvd March 21st. I didn't even plan that.

What's even funnier is the fact that our friend Princess of Darkness bought the entire series of books from Amazon, which I happen to know cost her around $45 (I know because I just looked it up) because she knew nothing about the books being for young adults or being romantic in any way - she just heard the word vampire and figured she needed to have it. Every time I read a mushy part, which is every third paragraph, I picture her reading it and cursing the day Stephanie Meyer was born. It makes my reading way more enjoyable. I guess she can afford such things, as she's moved back in with Drunky the Asshole Boyfriend. It was only a matter of time and we all knew this. Poor Princess; she'll never learn.

I used to have a ton of birthdays to celebrate this week: Jen's is today, Delorme's is Friday and Jody's is the 15th. Lucky for me, I only now have to worry about Delorme's - hey, it's a rough economy out there. I did send Jen a good card though. I'm looking forward to celebrating his this Friday, the lucky 13th. I won't be drinking, but I will be picture-taking. Greek night. I'm frightened.

My Florida trip has finally been finalized; what a relief. I cleared it with work which was the main thing stressing me and my aunt Jew-guilted me into spending the night with my cousin instead of with Annette. She was sort of right though - I wouldn't have gotten to see my family otherwise and as wacko as they are, they are still mine. Just the thought of being with my baby niece again is giving me the heaves. And I should be hitting Orlando around this time, two weeks from today, yahoo! Oh. If anyone from here wants some fruit and/or vegetables, let me know. I'm passing by that crazy produce stand Kristen and I stopped at a year ago, the one where we bought a flat of strawberries that were the size of apples. Sadly, I'm only stopping there on my way back up here, because it just happens to be on that side of the road right before I get on I-10. Kristen, put your order in when you get a chance and don't worry about the damn money. I'll be excited too to visit Avatel. I'm shocked it's already been a year since Lisa passed. Unbelievable.

So the next week or so should be good. They might end up being REALLY good, but you know - it's still too bastardly soon to tell.


Shari said...

I hope I get to see you when you are in town! Frig, I just looked at the calendar. I leave town on the 26th. The Universe sure does have a sense of humor.

Kim said...

Shari - Well if that isn't craptacular! Dang it; well - I've been pretty much making it down there every few months, so it won't be that much longer. That would've been cool though.

iamheatherjo said...

You're body might just be so relieved that it's giving you a break on the headaches and stuff. It's thanking you, I think!

You body: "Kim! You really do love me after all! Aww!"


jadesymb said...

I <3 twilight.

I'm still crossing my fingers for you!

morethananelectrician said...

Your body has to be downright P-I-S-S-E-D right now...and confused!

suzy2110 said...

Shari and Kim- every single time I am in London, my best friend who lives there has to go away! I'm starting to think she doesn't really love me!

Even worse, I visited Chicago in 2006- her work sent her there for business and she arrived the day I was leaving!! SO unfair!

Kim, I guess the detox is catching up with you! I am meant to have cut way back on caffeine but can't get it together. I am very envious about Orlando!

Kim said...

Heather - I'm REALLY surprised at the lack of headache. I was bracing myself for it.

jades - Tell me New Moon gets into the action quicker than Twilight did! I will admit the end was exciting and I stayed up way too late to finish it.

MTAE - I know; that's why I'm shocked it's not revolting!

Suzy - We haven't seen each other in seven years; totally unfair!