Friday, April 10, 2009

And a Good Friday to you too

I'm disappointed to report that last night went really well and I had a great time. The service was good, the food was good and there's nothing to make fun of. I hate when that happens. While his parents did indeed tell everyone they introduced me to that I'm Jewish, it wasn't awkward or embarrassing, but made me feel something like pride about my family and my roots. My dad would've been really excited to hear all about it. And when the lady sitting next to me said at the end of the night, I feel so lucky to have met you and that I got to sit next to someone who knew so much about this, I may have even gotten a little teary. Hmph.

Of course she did also ask the Number One Most Popular Question I will forever and always get asked: Do you all have any children? I don't know why I still get suprised when this happens, but either way his parents and I shared a little private laugh and I told her, Not yet but we're working on it with a lot of dedication right now.

I learned a couple of interesting things too (remember that I am a religious retard so any discoveries I make is most likely stuff everybody else already knows): that Jesus' Last Supper was also a Passover seder and that he died at 3:00 p.m. the next day (Good Friday). I knew the day; I didn't know the time. I like knowing things like that. I also like that while I used to think Brian's and my religions were polar opposites, I now know that isn't true and it's nice they go together so seemlessly. Things may have been trickier if he was a Muslim and I was a Jew - I could see the potential for some awkwardness there.

There are still a lot of things I'm not sure about with what my stance is regarding religion. Many, many questions and a few issues. But in the meantime, I enjoy the occasional trip to church with his parents and also the actual church itself. Which is a good thing, because we'll be back there again on Sunday. Twice in one week - God, are You seeing this? I promise I'm not trying to butter you up for any Big Thing I may be asking of You lately; it just so happens the two holidays fell really close together this year!

Other than church activities, I don't have much planned for the weekend. We're still in a financial quandry thanks to that piece of shit we call a truck, so that tends to put some limitations on entertainment choices. It's okay though; I'm about to make myself presentable enough to go to the library, where there are many free books sitting there waiting for me to pick them up. And as I've said before, as long as I have a good book, I will never be bored.

Of course there's plenty of house and yard work to be done as well, but let's not get crazy.


LL Cool Joe said...

Have a great weekend. I'm glad things went better than you imagined they would.

The best things in life are free, so enjoy them. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it went well, especially since they seemed to be trying so hard to make things nice.

My friend Cindy ALWAYS asks people if they have kids. I don't know why. I never do, but that's because, quite honestly...I don't usually care one way or the other. If people have children they will usually start talking/bragging/bitching about them eventually to me, you know?

I always get asked if I'm married or seeing someone. I, too, get asked if I have children. Because, you know, all women "of a certain age" should have been married a few times and have had, what, at least a hundred babies, right?

Taoist Biker said...

I tried to explain Good Friday to my son this morning.

It was...interesting.

I guess when you don't get it for the first several years, having it suddenly introduced to you at his age (rather than as a teenager, with whom I'd go into a bit more explanatory detail) would seem pretty damned weird.

Anonymous said...

People ask me all the time if my husband and I have kids. Rather than qualify their "step" status, I just say, "Yes". They ask, "How old?" I say, "Twenty and twenty-six." They ask how old I am, and I say "Thirty-four." Then I watch their faces as they do mental math/gyrations. It's fun!

Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. To follow up on my comment, after I clarify that Michael and Marie are indeed my STEPchildren, they ask, "Oh, well, but do you have any kids of your OWN?" And I say, "YES. Michael and Marie." Feh, sorry, I'm getting myself started on my own pet peeve of people thinking that being a step-mom isn't being a REAL mom. Had this convo today with an asstard at work. :: fume ::

Anonymous said...

Kim, have a wonderful weekend, and I am thinking about you always. xxx

Laura- that's fucking ridiculous. People are such massive arseholes. ((hugs))

Shari said...

Things went well last night at our seder also. I drank to my heart's content and noshed on all kinds of yummy nibbles....the faves being the macaroons and those little chocolate jelly ring things. But, I will NEVER make the potato kugel again. It was a disaster! Not enough salt and just wrong, wrong, wrong. Tim didn't eat it, which is rare for him not to eat something I make. Anyhoo, the dogs like it!

Anonymous said... me out...

When someone asks, "So, do you have any kids?"

As the finish the word "kids" hit them with a leg sweep. They will never see it coming. After leg sweep, use the back of the opposite hand or the elbow of the same arm to crush their'll be the last time you are asked THAT question by anyone in that room.

Just pretend you didn't hear them.

Your choice.

Kim said...

MTAE - I think I like the leg sweep idea more than any other suggestion I've ever heard. Although I do wish I could have step kids too just to eff with people like Laura!!