Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuuuuesday Aaaafternoooon

DEADLIEST CATCH TONIGHT, HOT DAMN!!! Oh, vast Bering Sea, I've longed for your dark and dangerous waters for six months now and I'm so glad you and the men who have to deal with your cranky ass are back again. So, so glad!

Yesterday when I got home I mentioned to Brian about having the dream about being pregnant and he looked at me all shocked and said Holy shit, I did too!. I said Last night? Yes. So there's that. It doesn't mean I think I am; I just think this is the first time ever we've dreamt about the same thing on the same night or at least told each other. I picture our heads pressed together with one of those cartoon dream clouds above them. Yeah.

I found fifteen dollars in my wallet this morning. This never happens (to me) and I was so excited I pulled into the gas station and put a bunch of gas in the car. What, you thought I was going to say I bought Lotto tickets? Come on.

Brian discovered this show we've started watching on AMC called Breaking Bad. It's about a guy who's a high school chemistry teacher who's dying of cancer so he and a former student start cooking and selling crystal meth so he can make enough money to help support his family (a pregnant wife and teenage son) when he dies, because God only knows they could not survive on anything a high school teacher might otherwise leave behind. It's a really cool and original show, but last night there was a very disturbing scene with two meth heads and their dirty sad little kid in a disgustingly filthy crack(meth) house. I paused the TV and said, I need you to come into the kitchen with me. He said, You want to finish cleaning up, don't you?. He knows me so well. I can let laundry accumulate in piles around the house for weeks and have dustballs the size of tumbleweeds, but I CANNOT abide a dirty kitchen. Seeing that nasty house made me want to scour things just for fun.

Currently though I do have a home project in mind. He made the comment the other night as we were settling into bed that we really needed to do something about decorating the bedroom. It's always the last room I think about when it comes to that and really, that's not cool. And for HIM to notice and comment? Unheard of. But I agree - important things happen in there and it should be comfortable and attractive, not neglected and bare. Because a barren room = a barren womb? Hey, you never know. I already have some cool ideas that are fairly thrifty. I keep a little notebook for decorating ideas (NERD!) and I've been referring to that, but I also want more ideas. What do you like about your bedroom? What color is it? Do you believe green and blue are tranquil or nautical? My unofficial colors have been plum, green and gold for quite some time and I'm definitely ready to change that.
This is exactly what our bed looks like (not including the bedclothes, obvs):


So, I'm not even sure what style that is. I think it's considered "Mission?" I call it "Gives Me Something to Hold Onto for Added Traction During Relations."

It's been thunderstorming again for two days now. I don't mind it and we badly need the rain, but I find it very difficult to stay awake in this type of weather. The dark clouds, low rumbling sounds, pitter patter of rain lightly tapping the...



Anonymous said...

Alright...I am going to put the Deadliest Catch into my TiVo...maybe I'll try to do it from work here...jsut to see if I can.

Kim said...

You will not regret it Sir!

Taoist Biker said...

Hey MTAE, watch this!


[deep voice]"The vast Bering Sea. Home of world's most violent...and unpredictable waters. And home...of the Deadliest Catch."

[cue "Wanted Dead or Alive"]

Kim said...

The song makes it even MORE badass, if that is even possible!

Scientific Lutheran said...

yeah, I don't have cable. It's probably a good thing, I wouldn't stop watching it.

But! on the other note, my living room is a pale yellow. Definitely not cream, not sun yellow, just a pastel-y shade. My couch is a medium brown leather, and it matches surprisingly well. I found curtains to match the couch, and a tan-ish rug, and the room looks very calm and peaceful. Just as idea, you know :)

Kim said...

I love yellow and brown and a friend just emailed me to tell me her bedroom is now yellow too. Hmm, yellow. I like it. I'd like it in my kitchen too.

Taoist Biker said...

See, I knew it would get her worked up.

Admit it, you make Brian practice Rowe's narration. :D

Shari said...

After going through beige with striped wallpaper, mauvey purple, and rose, I am now very happy with the blue we have now. It is kind of a dusky skye blue with these thick velvety navy blue curtains (good light blockage) with sheer white underneath. It's probably the first bedroom that we actually "decorated" and it was a nice compromise between girlie and manly with a navy "plaid" comforter and crisp white sheets. Very comfy. I think blue is relaxing, but in the morning also it is bright and nice to start the day with.

Anonymous said...

I don't even have a head/foot board or a dresser or a theme. My room is...weird.

Now that I'm all (begrudgingly) cabled up, I'm going to watch the Deadliest Catch too if I'm home. I caught a few episodes during the marathon this weekend and I liked it. I'm glad I don't eat those nasty looking distant relatives to cockroaches though. EEEUUUUCKY!!!

dyskinesia said...

I loooove DC more than I love the crab (no plural, thank you, because those are eww), but I do like crab. When I started watching DC though, it was so hard because I didn't know whether I should eat it MORE or LESS! Decided to stick with status quo and not feel guilty when I do because they're going out there whether I eat it or not... My mother, on the other hand, could support a boat, so vicious is her love of the Kings!

Kim -- I so wish I could come over and talk decorating! :) I'm not all super girly in many ways, but I can go to TOWN on the decorating. Actually, I'm not all that girly in that either, now that I think of it (no flowers on walls or fabric); I'm just really into colors and how they go together. For me, greens and blues can really be either, depending on the shades and contrasting colors. When I have the money and time (stop laughing), my kitchen will be taking on a coastal feel with an 'aged wood white', cream, sand, blues, and other ocean/beach/shell colors. :)

Bedrooms, in my mind, should be in colors and patterns that make you feel peaceful and "ensconced" -- a place of retreat from the rest of the world. Layering different colors of sheer curtains in a bedroom can add a sensual feel.

Tip: If you have them near you, Big Lots is a great place to get curtains on the fairly cheap!

Kim said...

TB - AAAGGGHHH, MIKE ROWE!!! How'd you guess??

Shari - Your colors have always been soothing; I'm leaning toward blue or green or blue and green.

Heather - I'm excited you like the show. And us crab lovers are never bothered by those of you who don't eat them, especially when we're all eating together! *drool*

Dys - I hate girly floral stuff; I have the feeling we have similar taste; your kitchen idea sounds gorge! I wish we could get together for a decorating fest!

Julie said...

I am very bad at decorating. My bedroom is a sad state. It's tidy, but about as exciting as reading a car manual. I'm always wishing someone would turn me in to one of those HGTV shows where they surprise you with a decorated room, but it never happens.

crisitunity said...

When we moved in to our house I painted the downstairs in bold, pretty blues, the downstairs bathroom bright green, the kitchen yellow (I believe kitchens should always be yellow for some reason), and the upstairs main room a deep, dark red, but I lost my imagination when it came to the bedroom and upstairs bathroom and left them white. I knew I didn't want any technology in it - no TVs, no stereo - but that was all I knew. I'd like lavender in the bathroom, but I don't want to make it too girly for BF.

Our bed is sort of a metal version of your bed. I also have something to grab on to, bow chicka wow. I bought red velvet curtains for the bedroom when I saw them at BB&B, because I thought they were just too silly not to own and they do a good job blocking out the light. So the "style" of the room isn't at all consistent.

So that was a long way of saying my example is not helpful. I think bedrooms should be the most personal rooms in the house, where you decorate however you (and your spouse) really, truly want it, because it's YOUR room and no one else generally sees it.

LL Cool Joe said...

Our bedroom is dull, dull. If I had my way every room in the house would end up black, white and silver.

I like light and airy for a bedroom though.

Colours definitely influence our mood.

Kim said...

Julie - I've always wanted HGTV to come to my house too; I haven't given up the dream yet!

Cris - I like yellow kitchens too. Mine is too small to even have a color theme, yet it's still colorful and cheerful. I like a darker bedroom with absolutely no technology in it either, besides the alarm clock, which I also hate.

Joe - Color definitely affects my mood!

Anonymous said...

My bathrooms are yellow. My kitchen might soon have one bright red wall, I've decided. My room will soon be purple.

Oh! And Laura can attest to this as I've been at her house for the holiday fresh lobster massacre. I have a real hard time eating around people that are dining on seafood. The smell makes me want to toss my own meal. Ya'll can say the fresh stuff doesn't stink. I'm here to tell ya that it does. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Heather - Lobster isn't seafood, it's an INSTITUTION. No cracks about crazies, please. :-P

Kim - I'd never watched Deadliest Catch before last night's season premier (and one-hour special "making of" before it). Marie came over to keep me company and made me watch it because she is, apparenly, OBSESSED with the show. And now, as I punned in TB's blog (or was it Dys'?), "I'm hooked."

daddylikeyblog said...

KIM WE ARE SOULMATES. I totally hosted a party for the Deadliest Catch premiere (I even sent out evites with the title "Ready for a Crabbin' Good Time?") which consisted of eating crab dip and me yelling at my guests for talking. It was rockin'.

Two questions for you, from a fellow mega nerd:

Who's your fave captain/boat?

What did you think of the premiere?