Monday, May 11, 2009

Kodak moment

Keep in mind I got his permission before ever dreaming of putting up a picture like this for all the world to see. Just keep that in mind.

The other day we were going through some old pictures at his parents' house, something we both enjoy tremendously. I especially have a good time when gems like this turn up:

I have a few things to say about this. My husband is an attractive person. At least I think so. He's never had a problem with the ladies and that goes way back, including the time this picture was taken. In fact, this may be PEAK time for him and getting the ladies (I use "ladies" loosely of course). Once the hair grew all the way out, it was amazing. It was what I first noticed about him. It was the reason he never had to put forth much effort with the ladies! But. Had I met him during this time, I don't think it would've ever gone any farther than a glance. I mean, not to be rude, but look at those shorts. The tat. And Sweet Jesus, that hair. After I stopped laughing long enough to breathe, I told him he looked like the kind of person who is required by law to register themselves with the authorities when they move into a new neighborhood. Right? And by the way, it's not visible, but the other tattoo he had at the time was just two words: "Motley Crue." I did NOT have permission to share that, but I like living dangerously. In the bottom picture you can't see it either, because once he came to his senses (and turned 17), he had it covered up with this one that's visible.

Just to redeem myself (and him), here he is as he appears today:

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I either have to post a picture of myself from the 80's or else announce he's divorcing me.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure all Brian has to do to humble you is say one word...


LL Cool Joe said...

Great photos!!

I'm kind of not in a position to judge anyone elses tats and clothes really.

Any piercings?

Kim said...

Heather - But I think "Jewfro" applies here as well! Or maybe on him it's "Bapfro."

Joe - He used to have his ears pierced and once while drunk let someone do his nipples but came to his senses when he sobered up the next day - he said his chest was too hairy for that!

Anonymous said...

Looking good!!! :D He has that whole "Ross in backflashes in Friends" look about him... :P

He's looking pretty foxy now!

I love seeing old pics like this. TB is still threatening to do a private post for some of us, and I personally am willing to pay good money to see that one!!

crisitunity said...

I can't believe that's his real hair. The curls are so huge!

Anonymous said...

Even better...

Look at the magazine he is holding!

Kim said...

I couldn't figure out what the magazine was; what is it???