Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Reality" is the new reality


I don't know how it got to be Thursday already, but I damn sure ain't complaining. But I decided it would behoove me to work the next few Fridays in hopes of maybe digging myself out from under this steaming pile of work that is currently ruling my life. So while I am glad it's Thursday, it's not like I'm rubbing it in that it's the last day of my work week like I normally would.

And it's a Special Thursday too - the finales of all my Must See TV shows are tonight! And here's something weird I've been noticing lately. Besides these shows - Earl, The Office and 30 Rock, I don't think I watch any other sitcoms anymore. Very weird, considering that has pretty much been my favorite genre for the entirety of my TV watching career. Oh sure; throw a good drama in there for good measure, but not anymore. Now it's all turning into "reality" shows. Heavy emphasis on the quotation marks, obviously. I think maybe Deadliest Catch started it for me, but now pretty much if you're a "documentary" style show on Bravo, A&E, TLC or Discovery, I'm your bitch and you are my everything. We even started watching this show called The Exterminators, starring a family that owns the business and all it shows is them going on service calls, with a juicy little family drama thrown in. I mean, come on! BUT I LOVE IT.

It's a good thing I read or else I might have to worry about my brains leaking out of my ears from lack of stimulation.

Speaking of, a co-worker and I were discussing books this morning; she's been my book buddy for a few months now. Someone else joined the conversation and then someone else. We started comparing what we're reading right now and one asked if I'd share any good suggestions - actually we all promised to share. Someone mentioned the possibility of starting a book club. Be still my cold black heart. The thought of sitting around talking about books makes me almost as excited as actually reading books. Strangely I've never been in a book club before. Oprah's Book Club doesn't count, ha-ha, especially since its very existence offends me. You may like it; many people do and that's cool - I do not. But that's okay; you say potato, I say vodka; it's what makes the world go round.

Exercising in the morning is going okay so far, but something's been stopping me from walking the neighborhood and I'm not sure what it is since that's one of my favorite activities. It's light enough outside by 6:30 now, but I don't know, it just seems...weird. Too quiet? I don't know. I see plenty of dog walkers walking by that early so I just need to leash up the beast and stop being a little bitch about it. It's not getting any freaking cooler, that's for sure. One thing I've noticed already, and Laura also brought it up - exercise in the morning? Makes my belleh HONGRAY. I went today and bought yogurt and granola bars so at least I'll be a little more prepared - or else by lunchtime I am ready to eat the state capital building and that kind of defeats the purpose of exercising.


Taoist Biker said...

Is it just me, or is Capt. Keith's superstition absolutely hysterical in such a big gruff guy? "You didn't wake me up for the walruses?!?" Hah!

Kim said...

I thought he was just being a sillyhead...until you saw what happened after the walruses!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd be pretty pissed if someone didn't wake ME up for the walruses too. :D

I'm still not forgiving you for getting me started on The Deadliest Catch! I hate having a show I don't like to miss! Hate it!

LL Cool Joe said...

That's interesting I find exercising does the opposite. It stops me feeling hungry.

I never watch any tv these days, well apart from the music channels.

Btw I meant to say I always think what a great photo that is of you on your blog. Just the whole composition and the water in the background too. It's cool. :)

Anonymous said...

I got stuck watching The Exterminators lat night when I was making an attempt at "getting some" by going upstairs early...what a weird bunch.

Julie said...

Hey - Jim and Pam pregnant! How cool is that?! But I wish Michael had the nerve to say something to Holly - I think those two are a match made in heaven. I hate waiting the whole summer for another episode of the Office!