Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, after gathering helpful information from various experts in the field of garage sales, (I prefer the term "yard sale," one because it sounds nicer and two because I don't have a garage) and now I'm a little more optimistic and less panicky at the thought of doing this. Really, extra money is always a good thing, but my main purpose for this is to get this stuff OUT OF MY HOUSE. Like, the ideal end of the day would be me packing up whatever didn't sell and hauling it off to Good Will in my car. In one trip. I'm also excited that I have girlies coming to lend their support both Friday night and Saturday so that I might not have to kill Brian while he's trying to help me. Because things like that can easily happen when I'm tense.

I was trying to think back and I'm pretty sure I've only helped out with two yard sales in my entire life - one at Grace's house when our goal was to get rid of basically a whole houseful of stuff and the other when Skye was leaving Jody and she was all excited about getting divorced and he was not. Very very different circumstances, but I guess with the same goal: try and get some money for the crap you have no use for and get it out of your sight. Easy enough. I hope.
J gave me excellent ideas including having all the stuff ready near the front door the night before so it's easy to get outside at Crack-thirty in the morning, check what time sunrise is that day and make sure the stuff is ready like a half hour before that, have not only ones and fives available but also loose change for the people who will Jew me down, make sure someone is walking around if a lot of people are around, etc. Pretty common sensicle things, but stuff I hadn't really thought about too much.

But by all means, if YOU have a yard sale gem of a tip you'd like to share, or even a story about how you unexpectedly made $300 from your Great Aunt Tilly's soap dish collection, I welcome it.

My wonderful husband, whom I still can't quite figure out how I got him to marry me on a Saturday in October (I'm thinking the Gamecocks had the day off that day - it's the only explanation), has made it clear I have his services until 3:30 kickoff. Sadly he knows they're going to lose their asses to Georgia this week, but that won't stop him from watching it happen. Fair enough. I'm glad he's as into it as he is - I kind of thought he'd be horrified by the idea. I mean, if he had his way, no one but a very few select people would even know where we live, let alone having strangers all up in our shit. But no, he's excited for me so that's good.
So, my fellow Americans, friends, countrymen - that is what I'll be doing Saturday. If you are in the Forest Acres area of Columbia, South Carolina and you hear a ruckus, that's my dog barking loudly every time someone new walks up. All. Day. Long. Come on over and buy my shit!

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