Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One small step for Kim, One giant leap for Kimkind

So here I was, happily on the second day of 2008: The Shrinkening, minding my calories, drinking my water and doing just fine. Then what happened was we had a new employee start today, and not that they do this for everyone, but they decided to have a getting-to-know-her lunch and that lunch involved pizza. From Dano's. Which sort of happens to be my 2nd fave pizza place (first place gets a shout out, Antonia's in Lexington, woo, Kristen, can I get an amen on that one?) in the greater Columbia area. Of course I skipped the lunch, without too much remorse. But then pizza fumes started drifting all the way down the hall, through the outer office, past Crazy's desk, over my divider-wall and straight up my nose.

I'm sure you're aware of what pizza smells like. Now, think about what it smells like when you're hungry yet know you're not going to have any? However, and here's the big news, the reason for this level orange alert the media, all-points-bulletin: I RESISTED. Yes sir, I did! I sat here and happily (miserably) feasted on my Crasins and Yo Crunch and big tall glass of tasty tasty Crystal Light-flavored water.

You're probably thinking: "Big deal, so you stuck to your diet on day two - what do you want, a cookie?" Well yes, fucker, as a matter of fact, that's EXACTLY what I want! Or an ice cream cone, or a candy bar or a freaking piece of pizza!

But I won't.

My body is a wonderland. And I won't be happy until it's back to normal.
In other news I'm leaving work at 2:00 today to go to the aforementioned eye doctor. I'm really looking forward to being able to see again soon.

And oh, I almost forgot: HAPPY OCTOBER!!! Yeah, baby! I feel a Fall poem coming soon...probably while I'm waiting to see the doctor. You won't need the rest of your seat waiting for my poetry, you'll just need the edge. ZING!


Whiskeymarie said...

I love that it's October and today is crisp and fall-y here. Finally!

You should do your food journal as a sidebar on your blog- I love reading what people eat, and it might make you have more of a sense of "accountabilty".

But honestly, I really just like to see if people eat half as weirdly as I do.

snerkology said...

Re: Wellbutrin. I was on it for depression and I did lose quite a bit of weight while I was on it. I can't use it by itself because it causes MASSIVE anxiety attacks in me. So I'm losing weight the hard way - 30 Day Shred. GAH. Kill me now.

snerkology said...

Also! I use for my food and exercise tracking, and it works very well for me! I'll be blogging over at my Operation:Goddess if you want to commissorate (sp?) on the DIE with a T (in the immortal words of Garfield).