Friday, January 9, 2009

Bow chica bow wow

Sometimes I worry about what goes on in this frightening place I call my brain. Such as, why whenever I want to type "brain" I type "brian" and vice versa.

This afternoon I was done with all my errands and back home enjoying a little reading. There came a knock upon the door. The dog freaked out, I held him at bay and answered. There standing in front of me, was a tall and strapping young lad with an SCE&G uniform on. My first thought was, good, someone's finally come to trim the trees in the backyard. My second thought was porno music. This guy was the HOTNESS.

It turns out neither scenario was correct and the real reason he was here was to shut our power off. Oops. I KNEW something was nagging me in the back of my head the past few days; that, and the fact there was way too much money in the checking account should've tipped me off right away there was a unpaid bill going on. I'd just commented on Laura's blog the other day how I panic when there's too much money and then what did I do but ignore the whole situation.

I'm sorry. This week was kind of crazy, getting back into the swing at work, moving offices and all that jazz. I can't always be held responsible for all these details like bills and cleaning and cooking and eating and bathing and getting the mail, putting the garbage out on Monday night - it just doesn't stop!

There's a good ending to this story though. The nice young man told me I could go downtown (right where I'd just come from, within two blocks) and pay the bill before he would turn it off. In fact, he told me he'd give me until five, even though the place is only fifteen minutes away. What a nice young man. Why do I keep calling him a young man? Because he was YOUNG. And did I mention, HOT! I thought for a split second about joking, "Can't we work out a private arrangement here, (wink wink)" but I didn't want to make the polite man uncomfortable. Not everyone knows when you're joking, and even though I'm having a decent hair day, it would suck to be rejected, even in the hypothetical.

In the name of full disclosure, I'm going to have to tell Brian (brain) about the hot electric guy. I will add the part about propositioning him in my head as well. This will not surprise Brian in the least. He'll be too happy knowing I was home to save the day and that we have lights and heat tonight. That makes me a little sad.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of full disclosure. ;)

That's really cool that you got a heads up. They don't do that here. They send a letter saying that you'll be shut off on a certain date and that you need to make your payment by then or you'll get turned off that day. Of course, you usually receive the letter the day before and it takes, like, two or three days to PROCESS the they flip the switch.

And even though you made the payment by the date the letter said you're still sitting in the dark and wondering where you're going to get the money for the reactivation fee and what you're going to do with the raw chicken in the fridge or what you're going to do for heat until The Utility Gods are satisfied.

Not that I would know about that or anything... ;)

Kim said...

Yes, I believe this is the first time I was ever warned and given a chance to pay. But I guess that's their policy and I just happened to be lucky enough to be home (I'd just gotten home 30 minutes before) this time.
Ha, not that I'd know anything about getting shut off either.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could get Bryan a uniform?!?!?!?!

Maybe it is just a thing you have for electricians...let me know if you need a volunteer!

Kim said...

I tried to get Brian a football uniform once and he wouldn't go for it, just like he refused to dress like Darth Vader for me. He's no fun.
I do like electricians - anybody who makes stuff in my house work right; that's a turn-on. Turn-on, get it?!? Har har har.