Saturday, January 10, 2009

January Blah

Hi. I thought I'd take a break from folding and putting away clothes to sit here for a few minutes and talk about nothing important whatsoever.

Such as the fact we're in the middle of the most blah month of the whole year. I'm assuming this is the time of year where people with mood disorders suffer somewhat. The holidays are over, blah. The weather is kind of dreary if not downright shitty, blah. Money is tight. My frigging pants are tight. It's just kind of blahdeblah all around. I wish I could say blah a little more, don't you? Blah, blah.

I was reading one of my favorite fashion/celebrity sites this morning and ran across this:
That's not so much blah as it is AAGH! This is Evan Rachael Wood, of Thirteen, Across the Universe and Marilyn Manson ex-girlfriend fame. Girl is twenty-one years old. Here I am almost twice her age and I have never felt the need to wear that much slap on my face. Should I consider it? I don't think my budget would allow it. I've seen her face before now and it's really pretty - I just don't understand.

While we're on the subject of things I don't understand, of which there are many, let's talk about a movie that opened this weekend - Bride Wars. One of the girls I really like at work told me she can't wait to see it this weekend. Her husband would not be joining her (because apparently he's male and also has a brain) and she asked if I'd like to go. Normally, I'd jump at the chance to go to the movies, especially since I still have days where I miss Movie Club so intensely it makes me want to move back to Florida so we can resume our weekly movie nights. But this? No. Not just no, but Hell no.

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway; I don't think this is a case of actors who are desperate for work. Unless the economy is much worse than I fear, I don't see any possible scenario where those two women read this script and went, "You know, this looks like a really good idea. A totally predictable, vapid and non-thinking girly movie, something I've fought against my entire career." Well, Kate does have How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days under her belt, but Almost Famous wipes out any mistake she's made. In the past, that is. Not anymore. And Anne was Princess Diaries, but since then she's moved on and succeeded well. I don't get it. But I politely thanked Jessica for inviting me and made up a complete and utter lie about having plans all weekend. Well that's not a complete lie, as long as doing laundry, eating meals and organizing my sock drawer can be considered plans. Which they totally can.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far. And that you have more exciting plans than I do, though I get excited at the thought of having clean sheets on the bed, so it's all relative.


Anonymous said...

I like January!

The holidays are over. YAY!!

My birthday is coming. YAY!!!

That is all. ;)

Kim said...

Yes, well my birthday isn't until Feb, and this year neither is the Super Bowl! If I was celebrating your birthday with you, I'd be much more excited about this month. It's got nothing for me here.
Well, except for maybe the return of my favorite TV shows, but that's kind of lame.

Anonymous said...

My God- how did she get all of that on one face? At first fleeting glance, I actually thought it was Madonna because she looks a lot older than 21 with all that slap on! Scary!

Kim said...

She must've put it on with one of those cement or stucco tools - can't think of the name of it. It's scary.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that picture is just creepy as HELL.