Sunday, January 11, 2009

People unaware of the concept

Out of all the chores I've done this weekend, I guess scrubbing chili off of Brian's truck has to be the weirdest. I can say with complete honesty the last time I cleaned food product off of one of my vehicles, it was due to my own vomiting.

As a realtor, George's job responsibilites cover a wide arrange of tasks and about a month ago, he asked Brian to help assist with an eviction. They attempted it back then, but the lady who owned the house was convinced she had the right to be there even though she hadn't made any payments since August. I don't know where she got her legal skills, but apparently she knew something, for she was able to file enough appeals so that they were unsuccessful in kicking her out the last two times they tried. She was overheard telling the officer on the scene that once Obama was in office, she wouldn't have to worry about this mess anymore - he was going to take care of people like her. (?)

I don't know about you, but if I've ever been late on paying for the place I live in, even by only a few days, I'm in utter panic mode, trying to figure out whatever I need to do to rectify the situation, spending sleepless nights and suffering stomcah problems and cold sweats until I solve the problem. I've never thought about any government official helping me out in this situation. I'm guessing that even though this President-elect is someone who is trying to help people, I don't think that includes paying their mortgages for them? Did I miss something from one of the debates?

A few days ago, George told Brian it was eviction time again. On very short notice Brian lined up four more guys, as legally they were supposed to have six people there to remove the items from the home. They showed up bright and early and the lady met them outside, telling them this would all be taken care of again and that they were wasting their time. She also expected them to put everything back into her house the way they found it when the cops came in to save the day like they did last time. This time when the cop showed up, he had to give her the bad news that it wasn't going to happen this time. She tried to get him on her side by complaining about "these bankers and real estate people" all being greedy crooks and the cop agreed with her, but then said it was also true you have to pay to live in a house you bought until the time it was paid off. I'm not sure what part of that she didn't grasp.

Brian said the inside of the house was among the worst he's ever seen in the time since we've been going into these places and cleaning them up. I won't be involved in the cleaning of this one and for that I'm ever-thankful. He said he found about fifteen empty Windex bottles under one of the bathroom sinks and that was puzzling, since every glass surface he saw was filthy. Empty toilet paper rolls were everywhere and there were a few more things he told me I will spare you, as I wish I didn't have the visual myself.

Except for one. On one of her living room walls was a gigantic, wall-size poster of Obama. The President Who Will Pay All Your Bills.

As they were removing the items from the house, Brian saw someone go near his truck but didn't think anything of it at the time. When he got home he noticed a big orange/brown stain with little chunks of meat and with his keen powers of observation (sniffing) surmised it to be chili. Since it hadn't been there that morning, he figured that was their way of showing their appreciation for the house cleaning.

For boring old people, we certainly do have some interesting days.


Anonymous said...

Pictures of the house are always the fish photos are classics in my little world.

Kim said...

What are these fish photos you speak of and are they viewable by the general public?

Anonymous said...

You even commented on the post...

Kim said...

I remember now - wow, that wasn't even that long ago.

Anonymous said...

I remember MTAE's fish pics... **shudders**

Some people just don't get it! Why should you be allowed to live somewhere rent free?? Grrr! I am completely obsessive-compulsive when it comes to bill paying. I would get very tense about not paying for where I live!

Kim said...

I would be kuckoo for cocoa puffs if I couldn't pay for where I lived, not ARGUMENTATIVE!