Monday, January 19, 2009

Dedicated employee or complete moron?

I knew driving into work this morning the traffic would be light because of the holiday and I was right. I got here and there were only three cars in the parking lot and I thought, Hmmm, that's strange. A lot of black employees take this day off, but I figured there'd be more people here than that. It was eerily quiet in the building, but I had gotten here early, so wasn't too alarmed yet. Then when I went to get a cup of coffee, I started getting the feeling no one was here at all. Then I started to get the feeling I may have actually come into work on a day I wasn't supposed to. Upon checking the 2009 holiday schedule, I confirmed my fear.

I can say with utter and complete confidence this is a first. Usually I'm counting down until the next day off from work and planning my whole weekend around it. This should tell you where my head is at, and at this point I'm guessing it's not attached to my body. I was at work for a little while Friday, but obviously didn't discuss today with anyone. Even Heather asked in an email last night if I have to work today and told her, yes.


The good news is, I had a couple of things to do that needed to be ready first thing tomorrow morning, so it's a damn good thing I did come in. However, I probably would've done these few things on Friday when I was in the office for a little while anyway. But it's okay. I'll finish this shit up in the next hour or so and then I'm out of here and there's no freedom quite like unexpected freedom, right? That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Won't my boss be impressed when she finds out I am such a dedicated employee as to come in and make sure all my work was done on a holiday. And that's exactly how I'm going to present this situation to her, in case you were even wondering.

I have a feeling I'm never going to live this down.


Anonymous said...

he he :)
that's SO much better than thinking you had the day off and waking up to an angry phone call from your boss! (i've done that. and then was so upset/flustered that i actually told my boss, "well, i'm still not coming in today. i just can't." he in turn was so upset/flustered that he said, "um... ok?"
we both pretended nothing happened the next day.)

also, your comment (on my last post) made me cry. in a really good way. you are too sweet to me. it makes me really really happy.


Anonymous said...

You can be both dedicated AND a doesn't preclude you from being the other.

Every company needs these type of people...

I hope you enjoyed your day "off! :)

Anonymous said...

"I'm not even supposed to be here today!"

That's all I keep thinking. ;)

Kim said...

Buoy - Ooh, that would be awkward. I've skipped many a day of work, but it's always just good old fashioned calling in sick.

MTAE - I actually got a ton of work done while I was there; it was cool!

Heather - I set my status to exacly that on myspace today!

Anonymous said...

Whilst I admire your dedication, I can't say I would have done the same thing. Any opportunity to slope off home and go back to bed is not to be passed up in my world! :D

Kim said...

Sadly I had no choice. I HAD to get this one project done, though now I see it was a waste because it's snowing here this morning and the class I was preparing for is most likely cancelled.