Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Unabashed glee

Finally. Finally, finally, finally we got some snow today. I do not apologize for my excitement - I am a southerner and we don't get to see this very often. It started around three this morning and by the time we woke up it was starting to accumulate. The college was among the places with delayed openings (a lot of places closed for the whole day which is a little much in my opinion), so we spent some time playing outside like dorks. Of course the camera was there too.




The smallest snowman in the world with one arm longer than the other:
And then the maker of the snowman had to be a smartass and make a snowgirl:Photobucket
Please excuse the no-makeup and bad roots - I was too excited to groom for the occasion.
Pathetic accumulation but accumulation all the same:
And finally, leaving for work today in the Artic Circle:Photobucket

Thank you, Mother Nature. I realize that for this to happen here the cold mountain air has to mix with the wet ocean air, the ground has to be cold enough to let it stick, Mars has to align with Jupiter and all that shit, but I'm really happy it all came together so nicely. I wish it would stick around awhile.


suzy2110 said...

I'm deeply envious. It snowed here today as well, but it hasn't been dry enough to lie. Enjoy!

iamheatherjo said...

You so silly!

Kim said...

It's still going on at 1:40 - this is awesome!!!

morethananelectrician said...

They cancelled schools and many jobs here because of the inpending snow...and it never came.

People are stupid!

Kim said...

It really messed up the errands I had to run yesterday. The City offices were closed so I was unable to pay my water bill. And now today they're saying businesses will be delayed in opening because of black ice. It's highly annoying. Yesterday we got less than an inch.

snerkology said...

You? Are adorable.

Kim said...


So are you, sister!