Friday, March 6, 2009

Drivin', Cryin', Steppin' Out

Can we talk about ANYTHING besides a baby? I know; you're saying to yourself: "She's the asshole who keeps bringing it up, not me." I realize that. But I think I'm declaring a no-baby mandate for the next two weeks until I can take the test. I think that's the healthy thing to do, don't you?, what's new? Haha! No - I do have other things to talk about, damn it! Really! I just have to think of what they are, so give me a minute.

*Taps pen against head for several minutes*

Brian went to watch the Gamecocks lose to Tennessee in basketball last night. That's not the point of the story. We'd had a long day, but his brother had called him during the day and told him he'd be driving the two hours to Columbia to go to the game. He asked if Brian wanted to go as well. Brian told him yes. By the time we got home and settled in however, he didn't feel like leaving the couch. This has become a common theme with us. At first he said he didn't want to go and his brother had a friend coming with him anyway so he didn't feel guilty. Then he started doing what he always does in this situation - torturing himself. And by proxy, torturing me. His brother kept calling to see where Brian was and I finally told him, Go! You've been wanting to go to one of the games, you will feel like a total asshole if you don't go and you'll have fun if you do! He knew I was right and he went. The seats were nosebleeds, their team lost, but yes he was very happy he went and got to hang out with his brother and did end up having fun.

This is significant and I'm glad to be bringing it up. For the past few years and I don't exactly know when it happened, my husband has turned into a major homebody. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I love being home more than anything too. I always have the internal struggle with myself on nights I have somewhere to go - I have to force myself to go because I know I'll have a good time and be glad I went, but right before going, I feel like cancelling. Every time. I knew he was feeling the same way but I knew I could be the tipping point to make him go and so did he.

This makes twice he's been out of the house during the week for something other than work or stopping by Redneck Friends' house. This is really good. And so sad. We used to not be like this and I'm afraid it has to do with getting older and lazy. I don't want us to be old and lazy. I know money is tight with everyone but a lot of things we do are cheap or free, like last night was for him. His brother had bought him the ticket (another reason he would've felt bad had he skipped it) and he found a free place to park, so it cost him nothing. We live in a college town, for God's sake - there is a plethura of cheap/free stuff to do. It's a matter of getting up off our asses and out of the comfort zone and that's all kinds of good.

Tonight one of my favorite bands is playing at a place called Headliners and tickets are $10 apiece. Drivin' N' Cryin'. I've seen them many times before, but not since the 90's and I've always had a great time, even getting to meet the lead singer Kevn (NOT a typo) Kinney once. It would be a fun thing to do tonight. I wonder if I'll be able to talk him into going. Though after two nights of going out this week already and a party to go to tomorrow night, I'm not holding my breath. Baby steps.

Shit! That WASN'T a baby reference!

Here's Drivin' N' Cryin' playing one of my favorite songs of all time, Honeysuckle Blue. They also sing a song called Straight to Hell which is better known, but I couldn't decide on which video to use.


Anonymous said...

>>I'm afraid it has to do with getting older and lazy.

But...but...I'M old and lazy!! Hee!

You guys are just comfy at home together. Nuttin' wrong with that.

Well, unless, you lived closer to ME and then it's just not acceptable to stay in ALL the time. I would badger you until you did something with me.

Ask anyone.

dyskinesia said...

We need to move closer to you too, HJ. Nothing like being a homebody in the first place and then moving to a totally new town where you know basically no one. Woo hoo!

We try to be better during the summer, but we're positively wretched Rock Band playin' couch bums in the wintertime.

And can I just say, no friggin way do you go 2 weeks without some emotional release of bambino insanity --- and no way do we expect you to either. ;)

Glad you got him to go though; I know how much I hate going and then hate feeling like a wuss when I didn't!

Anonymous said...

"I couldn't decide on which video to use..."

When in doubt, use both!

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm old and lazy too!

That's the only good thing about getting old .. getting lazy.

And there's nothing wrong in talking about having a baby all the time, it must fill your thoughts 24/7.

Kim said...

Heather - If we lived near you, we'd never be home. I just don't have any cool enough friends here.

Dys - Let's ALL move near Heather! And I guess you're right; we do go out more during the warmer months - I feel like we've been hibernating.

Snerk - I didn't even think of it; I limit myself a lot.

Joe - From the time I wake up until the time I go back to sleep, it's All Baby, All the Time. Whether I want it or not.

Anonymous said...

As long as you aren't sitting in a window looking at the front of your house packing ammunition (I do that all of the time...just on Wednesdays...and Saturdays)...

Taoist Biker said...

We have a good little club named Headliners too! I'm tentatively planning to see a reunited classic death-metal band there next week. It's on my usual workout day, but I'll just count the moshing as my workout.