Sunday, March 1, 2009

I wonder what my blood pressure is right now

We are so much at the mercy of doctors and their office staff.
I know, thank you Captain Obvious, right?
It's just that it's never been more apparent to me than it is this morning (oh wait, it's AFTERNOON already).

The ultrasound happened at 8:15 or so. The results were that there were three small follicles, which is good for the number but not good for the size. ONE of them was a decent enough size but not enough so that they could give me the go-ahead on anything yet. This doctor (who has the personality of a Post-It note by the way) told me he'd call my results down to the main office and they would call me back with the next instructions.

That was four hours ago. You think I've gotten a call? Nah. Why should I have? What do they care - we've paid all the money and done everything exactly right according to their instructions but I'm just another infertile bitch to them, calling twice this morning stalking them. Bothersome patient. Well, this patient is very IMpatient right about now.

God help them if I have to wait another month because they couldn't bother doing their job today.

Stay tuned. I'll be over here watching paint dry, watching a pot of water waiting for it to boil, and all the other cliche's there are about waiting. WAITING BY THE PHONE.

Oh yeah, and we're supposed to get three to five inches of snow tonight which should make travel conditions in the morning fantastic.

I'm going to Walmart for firewood. For the first time ever, I invite the distraction it will surely provide.


Anonymous said...

Going to Wal-Mart for firewood? Do they import that from China too?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kim, I am so sorry this has been such a stressful day. ((hugs))

I am thinking about you a lot. Much love.

Anonymous said...

Well, for fuck sakes, Post-It Notes might not have a personality but at least the damn things are useful!

Want fer I should come and rough that doctor up a bit?

I bet I could take him.

Swistle said...

I'm thinking of that scene in Are You There God It's Me Margaret where they do the "We must! We must! We must increase our bust!" exercise, and I'm wondering if it could work for follicles if we put a different rhyme/rhythm to it. But I can't think of a rhyme for follicle.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Fertility doctors are the worst. Mine would routinely forget to return calls for weeks. I finally had to switch to a doctor who was willing to take my constant demands for instant results. After 3 miscarriages I wasn't willing to wait until my doctor finished his 3 martini lunch before telling me something that would change my life.

My thoughts are with you, chica.

Kim said...

Thank you guys for the cyberlove - I'm about to post a short update on how I don't have to kill anyone (for now).
And holy shit, the Bloggess left me a comment! It was all worth the bullshit after all!