Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another post about peeing

I must admit I had a big smile when I read all the "Pee on the stick, already!" comments. And I promise I'm not trying to be coy - I'm so not that person. I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm severely frightened to take the damn thing. Which is really dumb, because me not taking it is obviously not affecting the outcome. I think maybe I'm enjoying the ignorant bliss while I can? Like, as long as it's still a possibility I can continue to be in a good mood but if the possibility is ruled out, I go back to the end of the waiting line.

I got myself so riled up, late last night I wrote Swistle a semi-hysterical email and as is her way, her response calmed me. I wasn't so much as asking for advice as I was asking her to share her pregnancy test experiences, as she's had quite a few of them. In general I like hearing pregnancy stories but right now is the time to share with me your TESTING stories, if you would be so indulgent. And if you would like not to broadcast to the world like I do, you can always email them to me. I promise I'm not doing a social experiment; I'm just really curious right now and I guess need other stories to compare mine to.

Today I'm either one, two or three days late for the period, based on what's happened with my cycle for the last three months. Damn me for not keeping track of my cycle more carefully over the last year, because that would tell a better, more accurate story. To me it seemed as though I'm very consistent but not when I see the last three months of 34, 32 and 30 day cycles. So I'm thinking tomorrow might really be the day, as if I'm STILL not bleeding but also not pregnant, it might indicate a problem that I'd need to make the doctor aware of.

This is riveting isn't it. I'm boring MYSELF, so if your eyes are bleeding right now I don't blame you and I apologize.

Dinner with the family was way less annoying than I imagined it would be which is usually the case. I sat between Brian and the good sister-in-law, who traded a couple of giggling snide whispers with me and made me laugh. The mean sister-in-law acted so nice and sweet like she always does and every time it amazes me. It's a rock solid cover and I certainly find it hard to picture her throwing things and punching Grant (in the balls!), but then again why would he make those things up and tell them to Brian because it only makes him look like a wuss. But the parents were surprised and overjoyed with the dinner and that's all that matters. It didn't make me jealous seeing Iris's whole face light up when she saw and held her grandsons; it made me happy for her. It made me clearly picture her doing the same thing with my future child.

More fascinating news: I had Kelly cut six inches off of my hair. That's not very dramatic though, considering it's still a little below my shoulders. It was long and scraggy and not doing a damn thing but being put into a ponytail every day and making me curse at it. Now it's light, flippy and really cute and I'm glad I did it. Especially since we had our first glimpse of hellish summer temps yesterday. It reached ninety, is what I'm saying. That's NINE plus TY. Hauling home some groceries that included Breyer's ice cream, I thought, "Please no. I'm not ready for this shit yet." It's supposed to get back to more seasonable pleasant temps, but still.

So today is the big family cookout, with more family coming from all over the state. This means I should be baking George's birthday pie and not futzing around on the computer.

And then tomorrow...might be very interesting. *GAG*

Viva la weekend!


Anonymous said...

My pregnancy test story?

Okay. Here it goes...


Julie said...

You should check out It has lots of interesting little facts on it. The overwhelming majority of my pee stick stories involve negative tests. I've only ever seen two positives, and they were very different experiences. With Nick, I took a test around the time I should've gotten my period and it was negative. I then had one day of heavy drinking followed by three days of wierd brown period. Then, just because it was a wierd period and I had one leftover test, I took another test four days after the first one. I got a very faint positive - almost not there. I bought about 5 more tests and did them all in one day and got the same barely positive tests. With my current pregnancy, I tested about a day or two before I expected to get my period and BAM! It was instant and it was dark. I didn't even take the second test in the box. It was that positive. So, I guess the lesson is, there is a wide range of when you can get a positive and barely positive is still positive, and you can get something that looks like a period still get a positive.

Taoist Biker said...

I think I speak for a bunch of us when I say we don't mean to apply pressure...

but damn it, we're invested in this shit by now and it's too late for stupid shit like reason to get in the way. :D

But seriously, I'll go pee on another stick for you if need be. I've still got plenty laying around from the ice storm.

Swistle said...

I'm scared for you to test. I'd have thought I'd be eager, but I'm enjoying the Hopeful Zone.

dyskinesia said...

Oh no, honey, my whole life is ignore it until it kicks me in the head and says, no really, deal with me or I will be forced to crack your skull like a melon. I toooootally get the thought of staying in the hope zone! :) omg, lol. Who says you can't find everything on the internet?

Testing stories: Every test I took before my son was 2 basically had Heather's story (yes, even the one that was positive for him). The one time it was positive though, I knew it was going to be positive -- not because my body had gone through crazy changes, my period was late, or any other rational reason. I knew it would be positive because that was the very most ironic thing that could have happened at the time, and that is how my life works, period. Aaaaand it was.

After he was 2, we had, I think, 3 different times that we actually tried and hoped for a positive, and I was all cocky and sure I was pregnant, which if I'd ever bother to stop and learn anything about how my life works (see above!), I would have known I was guaranteeing a negative. Even having had one already, those were rough.

I'm all about the hope zone. :)

Anonymous said...

Firstly I am sorry if we put you under pressure. I was thinking about it this morning and felt bad.

OK- here are mine-

1. I waited until I was 10 days late because I'd read that was what you should do- I'd never have that level of self control now!! I didn't really think I could have got pregnant so fast, and was surprised and ecstatic when it was positive. :)

2. Ricky- I tested when I was about a week late. The positive result left me feeling terrified- I'd only had a miscarriage a few weeks before and was feeling raw and on the edge emotionally. The terror didn't leave until I saw him on the scan weeks later. Now THAT was a wonderful moment.

3. I got a funny feeling I might be pregnant once before we were trying for Robbie. I was three days late whilst on the pill, which never happened before. I was secretly very much hoping I'd be pregnant, and was crushed when it was negative. Wow, I have never even told Ian about that test!!!

4. Robbie- I had a terrible day at work and it was the day my period was due, and we'd been trying. I bought a bottle of wine on the way home as it had definitely been one of those days. When I got home, I knew I had a test upstairs, and I thought to myself I'd better test before I welly this bottle of wine down me! I am glad I did! I was absolutely ecstatic- Ian was a little bit lukewarm about it though, and it kind of took the wind out of my sails. He soon got his head round it. I mean, COME ON, you KNEW I was ovulating, buddy! What did you expect!!!

4. I had to take a test recently before I had a CAT scan during my treatment. I told the girl that noone would be more shocked than me if it was positive. It wasn't. :)

Was that too much sharing??

My thoughts are with you...

Anonymous said...

I've taken two pregnancy tests in my life, due to late periods. One was during my relationship with my ex, and one was with Calvin. Both were because my period was late, and I'd taken antibiotics around those times too, so there was a slight chance of babyness. However, both tests were definitively negative. I would have been in a panic if I'd gotten pregnant while with my ex. If I had gotten pregnant with Calvin, I'm pretty sure I would have taken it in stride. "Meant to be" means a lot in our household.

STILL waiting in anticipation! I opened TweetDeck expecting to find something from you. HUGS!

Anonymous said...

As a follow up to my comment, sorry! Don't mean to pressure you AT ALL and if you would like to send me a virtual **THWAP** you are more than welcome to!

Whiskeymarie said...

Now I'm nervous for you. If it helps, I did a little "baby dance" (in costume) to appease the fertility gods in your honor. On a side note- when buying adult diapers, no one will believe you if you tell them that you're just using them to get "in character". Just so you know...

LL Cool Joe said...

The haircut sounds cool!

You may pleased to know I have no pregnancy or peeing on stick stories to share.

Sending good wishes your way. It's your party and you can pee when you want to.

Taoist Biker said...

Okay, I peed on a stick again this morning.

The stick didn't say anything, but the ants were pissed.

Kim said...


But I hope TB doesn't get caught if he keeps peeing outside.