Friday, April 24, 2009

Like James Brown I too feel good

I'm all bubbly and cheerful today, for no real discernable reason. Well, there are reasons I guess. I'm not sure why I feel the need to qualify being in a good mood; maybe I should have that looked at.

The conference yesterday was surprisingly great. After a hellish trip through downtown traffic, being forced to park in a parking garage (I have an irrational fear of parking garages; maybe from watching too many movies where someone gets killed in one or maybe from a time when I was so high going to see a movie and having to park in one where it felt like we would just keep driving in circles up and up and up until we reached the sky, I don't know) and walking at a brisk pace when really I wanted to run into the convention center so I wouldn't be late - the day got much better from there.

The speakers they had were amazing and that always helps. I scoff a lot at self-help things, Oprahisms and the like, but I swear - you get the right kind of person with an energetic and inspiring attitude and I will be your drone every time. And the funny part is it's all stuff I already know; the power of positive thinking, being open to possibility, that everything in your life results from choices you make, that you're the only one who can truly give yourself happiness - that could all be filed under D for Duh. But sometimes you need to hear those things to feel like you've gained back that positive perspective on things. I wish they had these things every month instead of once a year.

I am a natural born worrywart. ("Wart" is such an ugly word; who thought of that? I'd much rather be a worryflower or a worrybunny) I don't know if it's the Jew gene, the fact that my dad and his mother are like this or just the luck of the draw, but I hate it. It's exhausting and also a big waste of time. If I could somehow figure out how to make it stop completely (besides self-medicating), I'd be one happy bitch. But some of the thinking tools that were shared yesterday were definitely a good start and they gave out one of the speaker's books to us so maybe I WILL become a self-help nut. That would be a treat, wouldn't it?

Also, I won a door prize - dinner for two at the Blue Marlin, a trendy downtown restaurant. Weirdly at beginning of the day when they announced there were a bunch of great prizes I got a strong feeling I was going to win one. That goes against all pessimistic thinking, so I'm now certain I'm psychic. More proof. On the way there, I thought of one of Brian's aunts out of the blue; mostly because of the fact that I was thinking about the haircut I'm getting today and that his aunt has had the same 1940's secretary hairstyle since she was a teenager. Then who do I see at the conference, but her. My psychic network hotline was on FIRE and I'm totally playing the lottery this weekend! No. But I should!

It's good to have an ally in the family for situations like this weekend (all described in the last post). I stopped in at my sister-in-law's salon on the way home yesterday and she's as unexcited about the family activities as I am which is great since George is actually her real father! We're getting together for a pre-event lunch today, where we'll pick up presents and whatever and she's also cutting my hair. Being close with her makes me not the outsider and that's comforting in awkward family situations. Just like my own sister and I are when we have to deal with OUR family. Sisters are truly magical things, especially when they share your sense of black-hearted humor.

Still no period yet.

Happy Friday! Keep on rockin' in the free world.


Anonymous said...

Lots of good news!! Yay for winning the meal for two- I hope it will be lovely. You'll have to give us a blow by blow account!

Hope the family filled weekend goes better than expected!

Anonymous said...

1. Pee on the stick already! Dying of anticipation over here.

2. GREAT. Now that song is stuck in my head.

3. Like you, I always question "why" I'm in a good mood. We should only be questioning "why", when we're in a bad mood, don't you think?

4. LOVE YOU. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxoxo and ~mwah~

Taoist Biker said...

I peed on a stick. And the tree root next to it. It came back "wet."

What's the big deal?

LL Cool Joe said...

All this talk of pee has made me wanna have a go now.

I'm glad you feel good! Well done for the prize too.

The power of positive thinking really does work. My partner has it, I don't. That's why I'm a failure. :D

Have a rockin' good weekend and spare a thought for me tomorrow night coz I'm djing for a slightly strange evening, so I could do with all the positive good vibes you have to spare!

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I was too scared to mention the peeing...but seeing as how everyone else has- GO PEE, WOMAN!!!!!! And report back immediately!!! :P

Julie said...


Swistle said...

I skipped right to the end, then went back to the beginning.

Anonymous said...

So when is date night? :D

Kim said...

I'm feeling a little pressure here.
Thank goodness for TB's twisted humor; that was good.

Anonymous said...

"Boil" is a much uglier word than "wart."

Julie said...

Sorry - didn't mean to pressure. I just am so anxious and excited for you and am SOOOO wanting that BIG FAT POSITIVE!